Review: Crazy Arm go West

crazy arm.jpg
PUNK band Crazy Arm, in previous efforts, had a bit of a folky twang to their sound – but on new LP The Southern Wild they’ve gone so country and western you wouldn’t bet against them wearing spurs when they recorded it.
Actually, as they’re all animal rights campaigners, they probably didn’t, but I bet they had those string things that cowboys wear instead of ties or something.
And they do do this sound very well – singer VIctoria Butterfield’s well-suited vocals in particular dripping with a soulful edge on Oh Hell/Death To Pay, the finger-picking good Fossils, or the wild stomping Roasting River showing a variety to their new sound too.
But for a Devon-based band, what would have set this collection far enough away from pastiche would have been just a hint more of the West Country on this Wild West soundscape.

News: Coma gave George Michael a West Country accent

george michael.jpg
GOLDEN voiced singer George Michael spent several days talking with a West Country twang after recovering from a coma.
After waking from a serious battle with pneumonia, the North London singer shocked medical staff with a new voice, he has revealed.
He said: “”My doctors were genuinely worried that I had this condition, it’s a genuine thing where people wake from comas speaking French or some other language they learned at school.
“They were worried I could have spoken like that for the rest of my life – not that there’s anything wrong with the West Country accent, but it’s a bit weird when you come from North London.
“They were just laughing away at me talking in this weird accent. I basically did two days’ worth of stand-up comedy.”