Download: Sun Stone Revolvers turn out a free mp3

sun stone revolvers.jpg
REVOLVERS are hoping to shoot up the charts with their new name and a new album.
The group – now known as Sun Stone Revolvers – plan to release a new LP, Spaceship X, on September 14.
A band spokesman said: “Our name used to be Revolvers. Now it’s Sun Stone Revolvers.
“We liked the old name, but the Internet didn’t.
“Have you ever searched for Revolvers?
“We’re guessing not, but we think you can imagine.”
Anyway, here’s where you come in – to celebrate the group are putting out a free track, On The Run, to showcase their psychedelic drone rock sound.
Click here to grab one – Sun Stone Revolvers – On The Run.mp3

Download: Get a free DAVIDS track Right On to your hard drive

AS ELECTRONIC producer DAVIDS has been kind enough to offer up a free download for Sound Advice, we’ll refrain from calling him Davids, David’s, Dave, Davy, Davo, Dafydd or anything.
We love you as much as you love CAPS LOCK, DAVIDS!
DAVIDS said: “When I moved back home with my parents I started making electronic music.
“They didn’t seem to mind.
“The ‘0613EP’ doesn’t come out until June 4th.
“You’re getting to listen before my family does.”
So grab a copy of Right On, a track from DAVIDS’ forthcoming 0613EP by clicking here.

Download: Black Books cover The Cardigans

black books.jpg
AUSTIN band Black Books, who release their eponymous debut on Monday, are celebrating with a cover of The Cardigans’ classic Lovefool.
The band, which also embarks on a first UK tour this month taking in London, Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham, said: “If Romeo + Juliet hadn’t come out when we were angst-ridden middle schoolers it may not have meant so much to us… but it did, and we ate it up.
“There’s no denying that ridiculous soundtrack.
“Since we started playing music together when this was all over MTV, we decided to cover The Cardigans’ Lovefool.
“They made us want to fall madly in love… and then kill ourselves.”
Grab your copy of the track by clicking here.

Download: Happy Daze! Download a free Teen Daze track

teen daze.jpg
DID you see that? I think it was summer? Can’t be sure though, I was inside for most of it, journalising.
Nevertheless to celebrate the sun’s warming rays shining down once more – if only for a day – I am offering you all a free sun-kissed, dreamy slice of electronic chillwave gloriousness from Canadian producer Teen Daze.
The track, Brooklyn Sunburn, is one of many that make up his impending album All Of Us, Together.
Click here to grab a copy.