Soundcast: Underrated albums of 2013 so far

AFTER a brief blog break – did you miss me? what? no? oh… – I thought it would be nice of me to put forward a quick recap.
And given the time of year, just past the half-way point, Father Time is begging me to throw together a collection of my Albums of the Year to date.
But rather than point out the big hitters that have been released in 2013 – your Kanye Wests, your Daft Punks, your David Bowies et als – I thought it would be nice to give some love to the lesser lights.
So here are my underrated albums of 2013, the collections I’ve loved that you may have overlooked, as a Spotify Soundcast playlist.


Download: Happy birthday to Sound Advice! Have a free compilation album

many faces.JPG
HAPPY birthday to us!
This month marks 12 months since Sound Advice was resurrected and one of the best things about being up and running again, apart from being sent free CDs of course, is the fact I’ve been able to offer some fantastic free downloads for you lucky readers.
So what better way to mark 12 months than to offer a second compilation album of some of the best of these to download.
The 12 track Many Faces of Sound Advice album is 100 per cent free, 100 per cent legal, and 100 per cent no strings attached – click here to get yours now, and enjoy the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, Teen, Serengeti, Wildlife, The Tallest Man on Earth, Toro y Moi, Doseone and many more.
And while listening, check out Dan Birkbeck, who kindly donated the artwork for the album by clicking here.
Here’s to another 12 months!

Review: Anything In Return is Toro Y Moi’s best yet

toro y moi 2.jpg
TORO Y Moi, the musical moniker of Chaz Bundwick, can be harder to pin down than a greased bull – and outrageously good new LP Anything In Return continues this slippery trend.
Straddling the spheres of producer and singer/songwriter, in the past these two approaches have been at times at loggerheads, leading to his work being defined by its genre-defying status rather than its quality – but the balance here is just glorious.
The first thing you notice is the production here is just gorgeous, full of warm, rich, Four Tet esque swells, fuzzy bass throbs, house drum beats and touches of brilliance throughout.
But as you delve deeper, beneath this tapestry of sheen, it becomes clear that the songs on Anything In Return, such as single Say That or highlight High Living, would all work without this detailed attention – I’d gladly listen to Anything in Return Unplugged, should it ever happen, Mr Y Moi!
Quite simply, it’s a career best effort for Toro Y Moi. I shall be returning to listen to Anything In Return more than a few times I’d wager.