From the archives: Praise Tom Jones

tom jones lp.jpg
NORMALLY if the thought of a grizzled old Welshman excites you, you’d probably be a grizzled old Welshwoman.
But everyone should make an exception for Tom Jones – who for the hundredth-odd time has come back with the cool once again with new album Praise And Blame.
A tour through a collection of spiritual American standards from Johnny Cash-esque confessionals like What Good Am I? to the pumped up numbers like Don’t Knock, Jones strips back his art to its most exposed, raw sound yet – Sex Bomb this ain’t.
Instead it’s something fresh, something challenging and something progressive, and I applaud Jones for doing it.

News: The name’s Jones…

tom jones.jpg
TOM Jones has revealed that the British Secret Service could have had a sex bomb at its disposal – with the Welsh singer once considered for the role of James Bond.
But instead of audiences being treated to What’s New Octopussycat? Scot Sean Connery got the role – as Tom was considered too well known to be convincing in the guise.
He said: “The only thing I regret is that I’d like to have had a pop at acting when I was younger, my name was up for James Bond at one time, but producer Cubby Broccoli apparently said I was too well known for people to believe it.”
But perhaps it’s not a bad thing. Jones added: “I have a tendency to overact, it’s a Welsh thing.”