News: Join the Club Smith for new album release

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A BAND featuring Loughborough’s Vijay Mistry has released its debut album.
Yorkshire-based rock band Club Smith, which feature the Leicestershire member on drums, have released Appetite For Chivalry this month.
A spokesman said: “Appetite For Chivalry is the debut album from Leeds four-piece Club Smith.
“It channels lyrical responses to grief, disappointment and frustration through a euphoric blend of itchy rhythms and souring choruses.
“Recorded in late 2011 by Will Jackson (The Music/The Cribs) and James Kenosha (Pulled Apart By Horses/Grammatics) the album shows a more mature sound than that of the earlier recorded output.”
Don’t forget, you can grab a free Club Smith mp3, The Courtyard, as part of the Sound Advice album, available to download for free from here.


Review: In the Belly of the Brazen dull

WITH The Cribs’ new album, In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull, Ryan Jarman says his band is set to lay waste the mainstream musical landscape: “Now, we’re in pop hell. You can’t avoid it. When you watch TV there’s pop stars on adverts and TV shows – it’s everywhere.
“So maybe people will see us now as a counter-cultural band – we want to take on the mainstream.”
And how, prey tell – with a lot of bloody loud noise, that’s how.
However this aural assault which smothers every track here is in fact nothing but a lot of hot air – it’s akin to a fat music blogger wearing a baggy T shirt to obscure his unattractive barrel-like frame, a diversion.
Because all this shouting and feedback and overdrive and bluster is hiding the fact that a majority of songs here have little to them that actually sticks.
There are exceptions – such as the great Pure O and single Come On, Be A No-One.
But as a result of this approach, while actually listening to the LP it’s great – but as soon as the noise subsides, it’s hard to remember exactly what it was that you liked about it.