Review: Collective’s culture clash

tel aviv session.jpg
THE TourĂ©-Raichel Collective’s Tel Aviv Sessions came about from a chance encounter in an airport – but I suggest you don’t leave it to chance whether or not you hear it.
The music is the work of Malian guitarist Vieux Farka TourĂ© and Isreali pianist Idan Raichel, exploring each other’s sounds live in a studio – but this is less a culture clash than the sound of two complimentary approaches sidling up to each other.
Obviously, as you would expect from two unique virtuoso talents coming together for almost the first time, there is no wild improvisation or shifts in the music at play here, as you would expect from, say, a jazz trio used to improvising around each other.
Instead this is a slow burn, building a vibe together, meshing angular African riffing with the cool piano work of Raichel and sparse percussive elements, and you cannot help but warm to the simply beautiful, original feeling this creates.