From the archives: Dreadbanging

dub trio.jpg
WHAT do you get if you mix dub reggae and heavy metal?
No, the offspring of that unholy union is Dub Trio’s third album, Another Sound Is Dying.
The album, which is instrumental apart from the standout No Flag featuring Mike Patton of Faith No More on vocal duties, fuses heavy metal riffs fuller than Rik Waller leaving an all you can eat buffet with ponderous Mogwai style space rock and skanking Lee “Scratch” Perry dub sections.
On paper this should be a shambles, but on record it actually works.
The movements from one section to another never seem to jar, and there is a unlikely unity that carries through the whole LP.

Review: Follakzoid take your brain to another dimension

HANG on to your sanity – Follakzoid’s II is about to be launched.
The Chilean outfit create a sound they describe as ‘cosmic’, and they’re not wrong.
II, which is the group’s second album would you believe, is a collection of proggy Krautrock laced with space rock keyboards, throbbing bass and acid guitar.
These constituant parts in themselves are high energy, but step back from this minutae and the overall effect is far from it – with songs spaced out over time leaving the listener almost in a trance.
The effect is nothing is not epic and not to be approached lightly, but stick this on when you’re in the right frame of mind and the results are out of this world.

Review: Plank! plonk down first album

SINCE hearing their self-titled EP, I’ve been waiting impatiently for more from Manchester’s Plank! and wood you believe, it’s finally here.
The band are an instrumental act with a Krautrock feel and a spacey twist, and Animalism as a result is full of driving riffs and otherworldly synths.
For instance La Luna has a no-holds-barred exuberance that you can’t help but be lifted by.
However for all this awesome space rock feeling, you get the impression this is a band that is still taking off rather than out of this world just yet – not that their sound is wooden, but despite being a tight unit their craft is just still a bit rough around the edges compared to peers such as Beak> and Errors.
Nevertheless, I’m enjoying Animalism, and when Plank! return, I’m all aboard!