Review: Stereophonics enjoying the ride with Graffiti On The Train

IT’S tempting to describe a band with such a long and illustrious career as The Stereophonics as maturing like a wine or a cheese, but I like to think of them more like honey – there’s is a sound which just doesn’t spoil.
I’ve been a fan of the Welsh rockers since Kelly Jones was wee, and not a lot has changed since then.
Graffiti On The Train, their eighth album, sees the group’s rocky, trademark sound take a classic turn, with Rod Stewartesque heartwrenchers like Been Caught Cheating and No-one’s Perfect, epic tracks like Violins And Tambourines and We Share The Same Sun, and vintage ‘Phonics pop rockers like Indian Summer and Catacomb all perfectly balanced out over the course of the LP.
Graffiti On The Train does not signal a band reinventing the wheel and why should it?
It’s the sound of a band carrying along the right track, at their own speed, enjoying the ride.