Soundcast: Bank Holiday!

bank holiday.JPG
HOORAY! Hooray! It’s a public holiday!
Today in the UK it’s the snazzily titled Early May Bank Holiday, and it looks like the sun has got his hat on too.
And while I was rooting around looking for my emergency lagers, a clean pair of shorts, and the matches to light the barbecue, I also unearthed a Bank Holiday playlist I made a few years back, so I thought I’d share.
Happy holidays, everyone!

Soundcast: B-side Britpop

great escape.JPG
OF LATE I’ve been listening to a lot of Britpop, the defining music of my yoof.
And by “a lot”, I don’t mean sticking on What’s The Story (Morning Glory).
I mean I’ve been listening to long-forgotten albums by the likes of Gay Dad and Spacehog, trawling charity shops for Gene singles, outbidding people on eBay for the right to hear Longpigs b-sides.
Basically I’ve pushed deeper and harder into the recesses of ’90s guitar pop than I’ve ever been.
Alas Spotify doesn’t allow for a lot of this, but nevertheless I felt compelled to put together a playlist showcasing some of this forgotten Britpop, dusting off the B-sides and album tracks, and featuring nothing ever released as a single.
Fall into the time tunnel below, and feel free to point out hidden gems I’ve missed in the comments section.