Review: Shuttle’s Halo heavenly

ALTHOUGH I don’t go out as much after dark as I once did, being a family man nowadays, I am still very much a rave digger.
I’m a sucker for bass-heavy, dark electronica, and as such I feel duty bound to recommend Shuttle, who launches a new EP Halo next month, September 3.
As the stellar name might imply, Shuttle – AKA touring drummer for Passion Pit, Nathan Donmoyer – builds his tracks like the people of Bable built their towers.
The title track takes it’s vocal core, and piles layer upon layer of beats and bass and samples and production until the track can take no more – and it’s a full-on template repeated on the excellent B-sides here.
Maybe this is the reason it’s taken a good three years since his last EP, the throbbing Tunnel?
Regardless, it’s clear from this four-track that Shuttle is an astronomical talent – hopefully he’ll be commanding more space here ASAP.