Soundcast: Music First

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MUSIC First promotor and Hilltop Wizards radio broadcaster David Norris has put together a Soundcast playlist singing the praises of the live and unsigned.
He says: “I’ve chosen a selection of tracks of varying genres, so there’s a little something for everyone. These are some of the best artists we’ve worked with and a great advert for unsigned music.
“Lots of people claim to ‘love’ music but I would say most of those people could only name charting artists. Little do they know that there is a plethora of fantastic music being written, recorded and played live right on their own doorstep!
“In my own personal opinion I would say for every top 10 charting single there are at least 10 unsigned songs that are better. All it takes is being brave enough to take that chance, head down to your local music venues and open your mind to some new and wonderful music!
“Just because a band is unsigned it doesn’t mean they’re not good, remember, Kasabian started at The Shed in Leicester as a band called Saracuse.
“Plus with how social media has developed over the last few years you can now hear most of these great unsigned bands on Facebook, Soundcloud, Spotify and many more. I would say Facebook is the best place to start as most bands have their own pages where you can listen to their music and find out where to see them live.
“So go on you music lovers, get out there and discover a whole new world you never knew existed.”
To hear the playlist listen to the widget below, hear it in Spotify by clicking here, and check out Music First and Hilltop Wizards as well.