Review: Late Pass is well Jel

ANTICON found Jel’s latest LP Late Pass sees the producer open with a title track featuring the repeated mantra “don’t get too comfortable”.
Which is odd, because Jel – real name Jeffery James Logan – sounds totally at ease with his sound here.
The beats are head-noddingly crisp, over sparse bass throbs, turntablist scratching and sampling, and a smattering of other instrumentation, plus now and then a little vocal.
But throughout nothing is forced or OTT, no particular sound dominates proceedings, no overpowering basslines or furious lyrical flows – it’s just a well produced, if short, collection of largely instrumental hip hop, and business as usual for Anticon.

Review: Serengeti plainly worth a listen

IT’S plain from listening to his new LP C.A.R. that Serengeti is a seriously talented MC.
Throughout the record the Chicago rapper flows like Madlib, but with more bile.
However he doesn’t fall into the overly aggressive hip hop trap despite this, with lines like “I wish I could get amnesia/then I wouldn’t have to take my own life”.
Maybe it’s best to think of him as a Bitterlib, or a Frustratedlib, perhaps?
And also this outlook is balanced by some amazing production from Odd Nosdam and Jel – the standout being the slide-guitar fest of a closer Uncle Traum.
I suggest that C.A.R. is well worth taking for a spin.