Review: Bastille’s Bad Blood is flawed

LAST year, upon discovery of Bastille’s storming single Flaws, I played that sucker to death.
“If only there was more of this,” I thought, at the time.
Turns out Bastille, the moniker of singer-songwriter Dan Smith, was beavering away creating just that – tune after tune after tune along the same formula.
Bad Blood is in fact Bastille’s ‘Symphony in Flaws’ – variations on the theme of Owl City-meets-Mumford & Sons pop, with emotions pumped up to Florence And The Machine-high levels.
It’s undeniably cracking and well-crafted indie pop, and the obvious single choices such as Icarus and Pompeii, stand up alongside Flaws.
The flaw is that given the monotony of production throughout, even with a full album’s worth of work under his belt Bastille is still in my mind’s eye, a one hit wonder.