Soundcast: Whoops!

samuel jackson five.jpg
EVERY year I, like most music writers both professional and amateur, bust an absolute gut to compile an Albums of the Year shortlist.
Mine can be found here.
However, with the best will in the world, no one person’s perspective on the past 12 months can be all-encompassing – some of the best music will have been overlooked for one reason or another.
Some will have been really low key or cult like Samuel Jackson Five’s awesome LP, some will have been released too late to make an impression on a list, such as Gallops and Dam Mantle, and some blinders like Kaki King, Torche and THEEsatisfaction will just have been missed!
Sadly, if you compile a list like I do, this is the time of year where everyone else’s lists rub the ones you’ve missed right in your face.
So here’s my Whoops! playlist, of the ones that got away I’ve only heard since I finished my own Albums of the Year.