Review: Anything In Return is Toro Y Moi’s best yet

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TORO Y Moi, the musical moniker of Chaz Bundwick, can be harder to pin down than a greased bull – and outrageously good new LP Anything In Return continues this slippery trend.
Straddling the spheres of producer and singer/songwriter, in the past these two approaches have been at times at loggerheads, leading to his work being defined by its genre-defying status rather than its quality – but the balance here is just glorious.
The first thing you notice is the production here is just gorgeous, full of warm, rich, Four Tet esque swells, fuzzy bass throbs, house drum beats and touches of brilliance throughout.
But as you delve deeper, beneath this tapestry of sheen, it becomes clear that the songs on Anything In Return, such as single Say That or highlight High Living, would all work without this detailed attention – I’d gladly listen to Anything in Return Unplugged, should it ever happen, Mr Y Moi!
Quite simply, it’s a career best effort for Toro Y Moi. I shall be returning to listen to Anything In Return more than a few times I’d wager.


Albums of the Year: Phwoar Tet

four tet.jpg
FROM the five potential Albums of the Year I highlighted halfway through 2012, Four Tet’s Pink was the one that came up with the goods.
Not an album as such, the LP is a compilation of recent EPs plus two unreleased tracks – but as a collection it still works.
Pink is a rose-tinted, rich and warm take on the world of dance music and electronica.
Although it’s informed by dancefloor roots, it’s still more of a headphone masterpiece, and throughout Four Tet keeps it simple yet at all times breathtakingly beautiful.
If it gets your vote, click on the poll below – and if it doesn’t, let me know in the comments!

Which is the top Album of the Year 2012

Soundcast: Albums of the Year 2012

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EARLIER today, Sound Advice revealed the Albums of the Year for 2012.
As you might expect, it’s a mixed bag – with award winning efforts such as Alt-J’s An Awesome Wave rubbing shoulders with the lesser-known likes of Clean George IV.
So to make sure you’re all fully versed in this year’s selection, here’s a playlist below to listen to before you place your vote even further below.

Which is the top Album of the Year 2012

Sound Advice Albums of the Year 2012

IN THE festive run-up to the end of the year, it’s a time for tradition – and it’s traditional for me to sit down with some headphones and a pad of paper and beat myself up royally about which 10 albums from the year I like best.
Here’s this year’s selection – if you don’t know them, I strongly suggest you get acquainted, I’ll be posting up a playlist later today, and please take a second to vote for your favourite below.
I’ll be explaining a bit more about each selection individually over the coming weeks, and I’d love to hear any suggestions of albums I’ve overlooked in the comments section.

Which is the top Album of the Year 2012

Review: Seams pretty decent

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SEAMS seems to me a bit of an OCDJ.
Because on his debut LP, Tourist, James Welch has not left a hair out of place, it’s the most tidy, controlled electronic effort I’ve heard in a long time.
Not that this is mechanical and soulless, it’s a decent collection of Four Tet-esque intricate IDM efforts, the one and only slight let-down is that the music is so meticulous – even brass additions and bass squelchs are timed within an inch of their life.
Regardless of this it’s a thoroughly enjoyable journey, just a little mapped out, making it hard to completely lose yourself.

Opinion: Five Albums of the Year yet to be released

CONTINUING the list-based fun of recent days, here’s five potential Albums of the Year that Sound Advice is on tenterhooks to hear.
Every one of these is surely going to be a humdinger. Any LPs that you’re waiting impatiently for, let me know in the comments.
Baroness – Green and Yellow
four tet.jpg
Four Tet – Pink
jon spencer blues explosion.jpg
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Meat And Bone
kid koala.jpg
Kid Koala – 12 Bit Blues
the heavy.jpg
The Heavy – The Glorious Dead