News: Charlie Simpson to play world’s coldest ever gig

charlie simpson.jpg
COOL dude Charlie Simpson, of Busted and Fightstar fame, is hoping the temprature goes down down down as he attempts to perform the world’s coldest ever gig.
The solo star is flying out to Siberia this November to perform in Oymyakon, Siberia – the location of the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth, minus 72 degrees.
A spokesman for organisers Jagermeister said: “The Russian town boasts a population of 472, no running water or electricity and is so remote that it takes up to four days to reach from the United Kingdom, including a two day drive from the nearest city, Yakutsk.
“With temperatures hovering around minus 40˚C, Charlie and his support team will battle sub-arctic climates so cold that mobile phones cannot function, boiling water turns to snow in mid air and fish caught from local rivers freeze instantly.”
Charlie said: “The Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig is by far one of the biggest challenges of my career, but I’m really excited to get out there and see a part of our planet that very few people will ever get to visit.”