Young Knives to fan fund new album Sick Octave

TWEED-clad rockers Young Knives – who were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize with their first album – are asking their fans to fund their latest LP.
Despite previously hitting the charts with several record-label backed albums and singles, the group have decided to go it alone for their next release Sick Octave this September and launched a £10,000 Kickstarter campaign.
Fans who pledge cash from £1 up to £5,000 will receive exclusive rewards including t-shirts, limited edition synths, the chance to appear in the artwork or videos and even have the Young Knives play at your wedding.
Singer and guitarist Henry Dartnall said: “It’s much more fun to do it yourself.
“We also wanted to be free of record labels and producers making decisions about our music. For some reason when you are working with record labels it’s an assumption that you book into a £500 per day studio and a producer tells you what is wrong with your music and makes it better for you.
“We have always felt there was no good reason why we couldn’t have done it ourselves like we always used to do. Expensive microphones do sound nice but they don’t make music more exciting.”
The Kickstarter launched on Monday, April 22, and runs for 30 days. As the Echo went to press around a quarter of the £10,00 had been raised – although the band must raise all the money they need or they don’t get any of it.
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