Review: Public Service Broadcasting leave you beaming

public service broadcasting.jpg
THE high-energy sounds of London duo Public Service Broadcasting are sure to leave you beaming.
The group’s unusual music is a sort of synthed-up fast-paced instrumental post rock, akin to Errors jamming with Kraftwerk, resulting in retro vibe like the background music on a 1980s TV gameshow.
Atop this throughout new album Inform – Educate – Entertain are a simply wizard selection of 1930s-sounding samples, giving a Pathe films, BBC World Service feel to proceedings.
Oh, and random banjos too.
The results are simply irrepressible – in fact, I would be doing you a public disservice not recommending a listen.

Review: Plank! plonk down first album

SINCE hearing their self-titled EP, I’ve been waiting impatiently for more from Manchester’s Plank! and wood you believe, it’s finally here.
The band are an instrumental act with a Krautrock feel and a spacey twist, and Animalism as a result is full of driving riffs and otherworldly synths.
For instance La Luna has a no-holds-barred exuberance that you can’t help but be lifted by.
However for all this awesome space rock feeling, you get the impression this is a band that is still taking off rather than out of this world just yet – not that their sound is wooden, but despite being a tight unit their craft is just still a bit rough around the edges compared to peers such as Beak> and Errors.
Nevertheless, I’m enjoying Animalism, and when Plank! return, I’m all aboard!