Review: Disappointed by Music Week – Paloma Faith

paloma faith.JPG
FIRSTLY, a little context.
The relaunch of this blog had rejuvinated and rekindled my already ludicrously obsessive relationship with music of late.
And in the past few weeks there’s been some great music released.
For example last Monday alone I was awestruck by the brilliance of I Like Trains’ latest doom-laden synth-soaked LP The Shallows, the raw brilliance of The Royal Headache’s debut, the full throttle rock of Hot Water Music, the folk-drum and bass crossovers of The Imagined Village…
You get the picture.
But there had to be a bad week coming, and I think it’s here – for a start nothing new out this week compares to the aforementioned releases.
And then I’ve got a handful of thoroughly disappointing forthcoming releases to review.
A little more context – I really like Paloma Faith.
I think she’s original, exciting, talented, cute, quirky, funny, totally engrossing with a belter of a voice – she’s like Lady Gaga and Kylie rolled in to one.
I have a lot of time for her.
But all the time I have given to her new album, Fall To Grace, sadly has been wasted.
This collection is just lacking – despite Faith’s best efforts, there’s no stand-out Stone Cold Sober singles, instead there’s too many ballads and yet none reach the peaks of her debut.
Quite simply, it’s luckly that Paloma Faith is behind the mic on Fall To Grace to drag it up to average.