Review: Kid Koala’s joyful blues

kid koala.jpg
IN SOME respects you never know what to expect from off-the-wall DJ Kid Koala – oddball samples, unexpected projects, free videogames, etc.
However you can expect, as I suspected when I fingered 12 Bit Blues as a potential album of the year a few months ago, excellence – and Koala, real name Eric San, has once again delivered.
Using a newly-acquired E-mu SP-1200 sampler – an ‘old skool’ piece of hip hop production equipment San had wanted since he was a youngster – Kid Koala has cut up and reordered the sounds that came out of grizzled old bluesmen.
Koala clearly enjoyed the exercise, adding a turntablist dimension to the riffs and moans of bluesmen, and the results are upbeat and joyful, the happiest blues music you’re likely to have heard in a long time.