From the archives: Cool Kid

kid koala carpal.jpg
IT SAYS something that classic turntablist album Carpal Tunnel Syndrome comes with a free comic book and computer game.
Now that’s value for money – clearly Kid Koala, real name Eric San, is a DJ bulging with ideas.
And never content to just drop a beat and sit back, from start to finish this album is a lesson in DJ-ing technically as well as creatively.
And clearly the leg work has been done beforehand as well – there’s no Eric B or James Brown sampling here, in fact nothing obvious at all.
From the ‘wakey wakey, eggs and bakey’ of Music For Morning People through the meandering Drunk Trumpet to the clucking bizarre Like Irregular Chickens, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is some of the most original, skilled and entertaining music to come out of two turntables.

Soundcast: The Mighty Mojo

the mighty mojo.jpg
LIVERPOOL-based DJ and music journalist The Mighty Mojo, like many music obsessives including myself, has been pondering his albums of the year already, and he’s been kind enough to put some of the runners and riders into a Soundcast Sportify playlist below.
He said: “Despite being closer to two thirds, the beginning of August always feels like the halfway point of the year, especially when it comes to music. We’ve had the mad rush of January and February; during which everyone attempts to predict the megastars of the future, or at least the “Whatever happened to?” of three years time.
“Next is the springtime boom – usually coinciding with a tour, leading into the pre-festival releases of June and July so we all know the words by the time they hit the main stage. August is the perfect time to take stock before the back-to-school set, complete with another tour, eventually turning from a snowball into a Christmas avalanche.
“Through my weekly column The View From the Booth I’ve been able to keep a weekly record of what’s been moving my ears & feet, and this playlist is the pick of those most likely to feature at the top of my end of year list.”
You can find more from Mojo at Bido Lito and The View from the Booth and find him on Facebook and Twitter.