Soundcast: Solo1

SOLO1, a Loughborough-based producer of dubstep and ambient sounds, has decided to keep Sound Advice company, with a Soundcast selection.
He said: “Explorations in BPM and layered, hazy information put together and fashioned to make beautiful, danceable noise. To dance and liberate yourself via machines after years in the guitar wilderness sees juke, dubstep, garage, broken house, drag, witch house *the scene that never was* allowing you a smoother transition through austre England’s twilight hours. Whatever gets you through the night.
“Sbtrkt kick off this mix with an (alleged) Thom Yorke mix of the second track off their debut album and issues in songs that I have been listening to over the last few weeks/months from a disparate number of sources and artists. Actress and Zomby complement further solid gold juke moments as we re-hit urban streets with classics from Burial and Cooly G.
“Zomby closes proceedings with a filmic moment, vital high art from one of the most important UK producers of the last five years.
“A compilation of music informed by acid house memories, rave experience, bass culture and scenes that never were. To dance perchance to dream.”
Listen below or click here to visit Spotify, and click here for more on Solo1.