Review: Sweet Billy Pilgrim just got sweeter

sweet billy pilgrim.JPG
AFTER a smattering of disappointed reviews so far for the new-look Sound Advice site I am delighted, absolutely over the moon, to be able to bring you an album that’s actually well worth a listen.
Phew, as they say.
Remember folky act Sweet Billy Pilgrim and their critically-acclaimed and award-nominated breakthrough album, 2009’s Twice Born Men?
Well I’m pleased to report they’ve not sustained Mercury poisoning, they’ve spent the past three years making its sound even sweeter.
If you’re familiar with their previous work you’ll know they are never going to be an in your face sound, but their forthcoming LP Crown And Treaty is certainly less timid than before.
Their delicate folk sound has unfurled on this, expanding to touch upon elements of rock, of grand orchestral pop and of electronica, and much more besides.
Throughout the record they meander through a myriad of sounds, resulting in some spectacular musical vistas – the skittering drumbeat and picked melody of Archaeology, the intertwining vocal harmonies of Shadow Captain, the driving electronic flecks sprinkled throughout in Brugada, who knows what the listener will stumble upon next?
Crown And Treaty, it’s a right royal treat.