…And the winner is – Clean George IV cleans up

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AFTER a record number of votes being cast this year – 115 in total – the winner of this year’s Albums of the Year poll is…
(drum roll)
…God Save The Clean, by Clean George IV.
The album pipped frontrunners Fiona Apple, Alt-J, and Grizzly Bear to the gong – no doubt helped by the vote being publicised on Clean George IV’s official Facebook and Twitter!
Also a good sign was the fact the each entry received at least one vote this year.
So congratulations to Clean George IV on a great LP, and thanks to everyone who voted. I’m already looking forward to seeing what 2013 has in store.

Albums of the Year: Buy George!

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CRIMINALLY underrated act Clean George IV’s God Save The Clean, at the time of writing, is yet to gather a single vote in the Album of the Year poll.
This is, as far as Sound Advice can see, complete heresy – this album is a majestic work.
God Save The Clean is a unique blend of skewed pop, stomping glam, insane electro and sneering rock all ‘throne’ together by the Scottish act, which has been working on this debut on and off since 2007.
It’s a mash of ideas – sometimes contradicting itself in the space of a song – but this unpredictability is what makes it such a thrilling, exciting listen.
Ladies and gentleman, please be upstanding for a clear-cut Album of the Year.
If it gets your vote, click on the poll below – and if it doesn’t, let me know in the comments!

Which is the top Album of the Year 2012

Soundcast: Albums of the Year 2012

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EARLIER today, Sound Advice revealed the Albums of the Year for 2012.
As you might expect, it’s a mixed bag – with award winning efforts such as Alt-J’s An Awesome Wave rubbing shoulders with the lesser-known likes of Clean George IV.
So to make sure you’re all fully versed in this year’s selection, here’s a playlist below to listen to before you place your vote even further below.

Which is the top Album of the Year 2012

Sound Advice Albums of the Year 2012

IN THE festive run-up to the end of the year, it’s a time for tradition – and it’s traditional for me to sit down with some headphones and a pad of paper and beat myself up royally about which 10 albums from the year I like best.
Here’s this year’s selection – if you don’t know them, I strongly suggest you get acquainted, I’ll be posting up a playlist later today, and please take a second to vote for your favourite below.
I’ll be explaining a bit more about each selection individually over the coming weeks, and I’d love to hear any suggestions of albums I’ve overlooked in the comments section.

Which is the top Album of the Year 2012