Haiku Reviews

SLAP on the wrist, I’ve been struggling to keep up with the volume of review requests I’ve had through recently and haven’t managed to review all the albums I should have done.
So to make it up to any acts who’ve slipped through the net in recent weeks, I’ve penned a haiku review of some of them.
Here they are –
Saint Max And The Fanatics – Saint Max Is Missing And The Fanatics Are Dead
Derivative rock,
Made much less derivative,
With inventive horns.
Fighting Fiction – The Long And Short Of It
Rabble rousing band,
With political insight,
Distracted by girls.
HAIM – Days Are Gone
Eighties tinted pop,
Perfect for the summertime,
Released in Autumn?
Deaf Havana – Old Souls
Wanted to review,
Postman delivered the case,
With no CD in.

News: Musical notes – The Beatles, Mick Jaggar and, er, Robbie Williams

THE quids are alright!
According to the Bank of England, Take That bad boy Robbie Williams is one of the names suggested to take pride of place on UK currency.
The Bank of England has produced a list of notable names suggested by members of the public to grace bank notes alongside our Jubilee-toasting monarch Queen Elizabeth II.
Among the musical mentions are classical composers such as Thomas Tallis, Henry Purcell, Dame Ethel Smyth, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Benjamin Britten – and of course Sir Edward Elgar, who did feature on the old £20 being taken out of circulation.
However more modern musicians feature on the list – Mick Jagger, The Beatles, and, er, Robbie Williams.
A Bank of England spokesman said: “The Bank reserves the right not to include suggested names. Inclusion on the list does not imply any endorsement by the Bank.”
Thanks goodness for that.