From the archives: Barrowman all on show

john barrowman.jpg
DO YOU like musicals?
Are you a fan of John Barrowman?
No, I’m not questioning anybody’s sexuality, the reason I ask is ‘entertainer’ John Barrowman’s self-titled new album sees the ‘personality’ covering a selection of songs from the shows.
There are covers of tracks from Copacabana, Cats, Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia! and more – although the only cover I’d like to see here is the final curtain fall.
Because these overproduced, pointless recordings are so cheesy they should come with a warning for the lactose intolerent – you can visualise Barrowman’s smug face churning these out in the studio as you listen.
So basically, if you like musical theatre and Barrowman’s smug face, this is the album for you.

Review: Cringeworthy Clayderman in demand

richard clayderman.jpg
SOUND Advice factoid of the day – Richard Clayderman has sold more records than Lady Gaga.
In factoid, he’s shifted more units than Bob Dylan, than Coldplay, than Adele, than Jay-Z, he’s sold more than 85 million records collecting 267 gold albums and 70 platinum albums along the way.
And on Romantique, the Frenchman’s first LP in more than a decade, you can clearly hear why.
Because Clayderman peddles the most inoffensive brand of instrumental piano cover version of the most obvious middle-of-the-road classical pop you can imagine.
He starts off with his lavish, orchestra soaked versions of songs from films and shows like Spartacus, West Side Story and Les Miserables, adding the likes of standards such as The Flower Duet, Hallelujah and Adele’s Someone Like You, before a finishing one-two knockout of You Raise Me Up and Nessun Dorma.
Romantique? No doubt his fans will love it, but I’m sorry to say that I hate it with a burning passion.