Blooms bust

TOP Loughborough band The Voom Blooms, who had been championed by Radio 1, NME, MTV and Rolling Stone and twice toured America, play their final gig on Thursday, March 26.
Sad news for fans, although in the run-up to the group’s swansong, a selection of tracks are being made available to download from their myspace site.

Hello Holloways

CELEBRATE the music that makes you feel better this Saturday when top 40 band The Holloways come to Loughborough.
The band, best known for their smash hit feelgood summer song Generator, will be playing at Room 1, Loughborough Students’ Union, alongside town act The Voom Blooms.
Bryn Tremayne Fowler, bassist for The Holloways, told Isaac Ashe’s Sound Advice: “When we started playing live we decided to try to get around a many places as possible, especially where people don’t get to see as many top bands, although I think this will be the first time in Loughborough.
“I’m sure people are going to be up for it.
“We heard one or two songs by The Voom Blooms before we gave them the thumbs-up – they sounded good and we’re looking forward to seeing them live.”
Tickets to the gig, open to anyone, both students and non-students, as long as they’re aged 14 years or over, cost £10 and are available online here and here or from the Students’ Union Reception.