Not just any old Tom, Dick or Harry

• THE latest act from Sweden, the land of pop, to plunder and pillage our charts are back.
Peter, Bjorn And John, the act behind the whistling success of Young Folks, release their latest album Living Thing on Monday, March 30.
• Northern Irish rockers Therapy?, the group behind ‘90s hit Screamager, have a new album out.
The blistering Crooked Timber, is out now – and you’d be mad to miss out.
• Pop rapper Just Jack again turns up the heat with his new single, Embers.
The track, out on March 29, is the first taster of the forthcoming album All Night Cinema, which is out in April.
• The complicated pop of Leeds’ Grammatics is where it’s at – full stop.
The group’s sensational self-titled debut is in stores now.
• Not for the faint hearted – gothic punk rocker Wednesday 13 has released his latest EP.
Bloodwork is a six-track horrorshow featuring a cover of Tom Petty And The Heartbreaker’s Running Down A Dream, as well as an ode to his favourite word that can’t be printed in a family newspaper.
• Springing forth with a brilliant new album are American band The Decemberists.
The band’s fifth studio LP, The Hazards Of Love, is out now, and sure to capture the hearts of discerning music lovers.
• Nutty band Noisettes have released a new single, Don’t Upset The Rhythm, this week.
The catchy track is sure to ring a bell – after being used to front the current Mazda ad campaign.
• Hell Yeah Recordings have launched a new remix series title Confuzed 90s.
The first release sees Sicilian duo Blatta And Inesha reworking tracks by 1990s techno group Ramirez.
• American glam band The Chelsea Smiles have released their new eponymous album in the UK.
• David Cook, winner of American Idol series seven, has his debut album out soon.
The self-titled LP is available to buy from March 30.
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Get your Kixx

• POP pickers can thank this column for an early Christmas present this week – as we introduce next year’s big thing, The Kixx.
A four-piece pop rock band already tipped to top the success of McFly and The Jonas Brothers, the Reading-based band have released their debut single this week.
Apology, an infectious pop rock track, is in stores now.
• Experimental classical composer Hauschka has announced a new LP is set to be released.
The Snowflakes And Car Wrecks album, out in February 2009, is a collection of material recorded during the sessions which produced his critically acclaimed Ferndorf album earlier this year.
• Top hip hop label Ninja Tune has announced a series of albums to be released in the coming months.
The label will put out new material from artists including The Qemists, Diplo, the Long Lost and Sway and Amon Tobin’s collaboration Two Fingers in early 2009.
• Swedish pop group Peter, Bjorn And John have announced that their fifth album will be released in 2009.
The as-yet-unnamed release will be preceded by a new track, Lay It Down.
• Out of this world musical project N.A.S.A. will hit stores in February next year.
The hip-hop album will feature input from artists as diverse as Santogold, Kanye West, Kool Keith, Tom Waits, George Clinton, KRS One, David Byrne, Karen O and even ODB.
• Leading lights of British hip hop Dan le Sac and Scroobious Pip have teamed up with American rapper Pos Plug Won of De La Soul for a new single.
The group, who are currently on a tour of British libraries, will release Thou Shalt Always Kill on January 19.
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