Forecast is good for Merriweather

• DANIEL Merriweather, famous for his work on Mark Ronson’s hit version of The Smiths’ Stop Me and Wiley’s Cash In My Pocket, releases his debut solo album next week.
The Australian R&B singer’s album, Love And War, is out on April 27, featuring the single Change.
• Dance sensation Kris Menace has released a three-CD debut album this week.
The excellent Idiosyncrasies features a double album of original house and techno, alongside a compilation of Kris Menace’s best remix work.
• Nutty popsters Noisettes release their debut album this week.
The indie rockers from London’s debut album, Wild Young Hearts, features the massive smash Don’t Upset The Rhythm.
• Manchester band Sonic Boom Six are not a band to be pigeonholed.
Their rip-roaring new album, City Of Thieves, steals from metal, rap, jungle, ska, punk and even glam rock.
The group will be touring in May, coming to Birmingham’ Asylum and Nottingham Maze.
• Hip hop experimentalist Prefuse 73 has released a new album
The sprawling Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian is an imaginative mixture of old school hip hop and futuristic ambient dance.
• Northern Irish singe Eoghan Colgan has released his first single.
Dream Satellite is the first taste of hotly-tipped Eoghan, who rose to fame winning the O2 Undiscovered 2007 competition.
• Rude boy pop group Kid British released their street smart new single Sunny Days this week.
The debut album from the group will be released in June.
• Blick Bassy, a soul singer hailing from Cameroon, has released a new album in the UK.
The singer, guitarist and percussionist’s LP, Leman, is a chirpy mixture of African music and uptembo bossa nova and jazz.
• Production duo Garry Hughes and Andrew T Mackay, AKA Bombay Dub Orchestra, have released their cosmopolitan new album.
3 Cities sees the duo mixing traditional Indian instrumentation with Western chillout beats.
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Not just any old Tom, Dick or Harry

• THE latest act from Sweden, the land of pop, to plunder and pillage our charts are back.
Peter, Bjorn And John, the act behind the whistling success of Young Folks, release their latest album Living Thing on Monday, March 30.
• Northern Irish rockers Therapy?, the group behind ‘90s hit Screamager, have a new album out.
The blistering Crooked Timber, is out now – and you’d be mad to miss out.
• Pop rapper Just Jack again turns up the heat with his new single, Embers.
The track, out on March 29, is the first taster of the forthcoming album All Night Cinema, which is out in April.
• The complicated pop of Leeds’ Grammatics is where it’s at – full stop.
The group’s sensational self-titled debut is in stores now.
• Not for the faint hearted – gothic punk rocker Wednesday 13 has released his latest EP.
Bloodwork is a six-track horrorshow featuring a cover of Tom Petty And The Heartbreaker’s Running Down A Dream, as well as an ode to his favourite word that can’t be printed in a family newspaper.
• Springing forth with a brilliant new album are American band The Decemberists.
The band’s fifth studio LP, The Hazards Of Love, is out now, and sure to capture the hearts of discerning music lovers.
• Nutty band Noisettes have released a new single, Don’t Upset The Rhythm, this week.
The catchy track is sure to ring a bell – after being used to front the current Mazda ad campaign.
• Hell Yeah Recordings have launched a new remix series title Confuzed 90s.
The first release sees Sicilian duo Blatta And Inesha reworking tracks by 1990s techno group Ramirez.
• American glam band The Chelsea Smiles have released their new eponymous album in the UK.
• David Cook, winner of American Idol series seven, has his debut album out soon.
The self-titled LP is available to buy from March 30.
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• ARCHDUKES of art rock Franz Ferdinand have continued their saga with a new single, Ulysses.
The track, a funky slice of alternative rock, is the first glimpse of the group’s forthcoming album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, which is out on January 26.
• Rock experimentalists Bloc Party release new single One Month Off on January 26.
The track, taken from their latest LP Initimacy, is a typically furious flurry of guitars and electronica from the London-based band.
• Saxophonist and composer Tim Garland has teamed up with his group The Lighthouse Trio and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Double album Libra, which fuses the worlds of jazz and classical, is available from January 26.
• Musician, mystic and apprentice prophet Rainbow George has released a new single, forboding folk track Scoring Goals.
The track shares it’s name with Rainbow George’s ongoing film project, which was filmed on August 8, 2008, about a utopian vision for December 12, 2012, which is set to premiere on October 10, 2010.
• Are you ready for Are You Ready For Love?, the very best of The Detroit Spinners, which is out on January 26?
The LP features hits such as the title track, Working My Way Back to You and Then Came You as well as other Motown classics.
• Go nuts for Wild Young Hearts, the new single from indie rockers Noisettes.
Released earlier this month, the track is upbeat piece of pop rock in the vein of Ting Tings and Blondie.
• Children’s TV superstars Freefonix – made up of lead singer BB, zen guitarist Freezebone and beat junkie Mostart – release an album on January 26.
The CBBC band’s eponymous LP is packed with the kind of feisty pop that has made the show a hit with young music fans.
• Belfast band Kyron And the Strangels have released a new single, Hanging On The Ground, this month.
The song is an epic piece of string-soaked piano-driven pop that sounds like Royworld fronted by Leonard Cohen.
• Let the sounds of Makin’ Whoopee be the soundtrack to your Valentine’s Day this year.
The double CD is out on January 26, and features tracks such as Sam & Dave’s Hold On I’m Coming, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli and Knock On Wood by Eddie Floyd.
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