Review: Late Pass is well Jel

ANTICON found Jel’s latest LP Late Pass sees the producer open with a title track featuring the repeated mantra “don’t get too comfortable”.
Which is odd, because Jel – real name Jeffery James Logan – sounds totally at ease with his sound here.
The beats are head-noddingly crisp, over sparse bass throbs, turntablist scratching and sampling, and a smattering of other instrumentation, plus now and then a little vocal.
But throughout nothing is forced or OTT, no particular sound dominates proceedings, no overpowering basslines or furious lyrical flows – it’s just a well produced, if short, collection of largely instrumental hip hop, and business as usual for Anticon.

News: Bestival festival reveals The Art of Dressing Up

Bestival Presents 'The Art Of Dressing Up' (out 16th Sept 2013).jpg
THEMED festival pioneers Bestival have put together a new coffee table book showcasing The Art of Dressing Up.
The Isle of Wight festival is well-known for its unusual themes – from pirates to outer space, wildlife to fantasy and cowboys & indians – as well as the lengths that both festival goers and performers themselves go to in dressing up to get down.
To celebrate this the organisers have put together a 364 page book.
Rob da Bank said: “From the medieval fool to morris dancers and pantomime – the Great British people love any excuse to don some crazy outfits and let their hair down.
“Maybe we’re shy, retiring creatures in our everyday guise and we need to become someone else to truly kick our heels up?”
The Art of Dressing Up will be launched with an exhibition at Selfridges and will be available as a limited edition of 5,000 copies through, Selfridges and selected Urban Outfitters from September 16, at £15.99.
Here are a selection of pictures from the book…
Florence Welch - fancy dress.jpg
Little Boots - fancy dress.jpg
Mika - fancy dress.jpg
Lily Allen - fancy dress.jpg

News: Johnny Borrell album sales hit 594

Johnny Borrell.jpg
NEWS just in from Stiff Records – the label is “proud” to announce first week sales figures for its latest album, Johnny Borrell’s Borrell 1, of 594.
Borrell 1 is the debut solo LP from the former Razorlight vocalist and is the first new album on the highly prolific Stiff Records since 2007.
A spokesman for Stiff said: “First week sales of 594 makes Borrell 1 the 15,678th best selling album of the year to date.
“So far we’ve achieved 0.00015% sales of Adele’s 21 – and 0.03% sales of this week’s No. 1 album from Jahmene Douglas – so we feel like it’s all to play for as we move into the all-important week two.
“We might even break the Top 100.”

News: Bill boosted at Download Festival

DOWNLOAD Festival has announced that a further 25 acts have been added to this year’s line up, including Thunder, Kvelertak, Devin Townsend and We Are The Ocean.
Headlined by Slipknot, Iron Maiden and Rammstein, Download Festival takes place June 14-16 at Donington Park.
Also added to the bill are Zico Chain, Blood Command, Black Moth, The Wild Lies, The Howling, Page 44, and Wounds.
And the acoustic Jagermeister Stage, as well as stripped down performances from acts from the other stages over the weekend, will see Hear Kitty Kitty, Toseland, Rob Lynch, Acoustic TV, Straight Lines, Fahran, The Killing Floor, The Afterparty, Pig Iron, Night x Night, Crash Mansion, The Graveltones, Arthemis and Avosetta playing, alongside acoustic performances from the likes of Devin Townsend, We Are the Ocean, Walking Papers, Buffalo Summer, Crowns, Heaven’s Basement, Skin and Red White & Blues.

Young Knives to fan fund new album Sick Octave

TWEED-clad rockers Young Knives – who were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize with their first album – are asking their fans to fund their latest LP.
Despite previously hitting the charts with several record-label backed albums and singles, the group have decided to go it alone for their next release Sick Octave this September and launched a £10,000 Kickstarter campaign.
Fans who pledge cash from £1 up to £5,000 will receive exclusive rewards including t-shirts, limited edition synths, the chance to appear in the artwork or videos and even have the Young Knives play at your wedding.
Singer and guitarist Henry Dartnall said: “It’s much more fun to do it yourself.
“We also wanted to be free of record labels and producers making decisions about our music. For some reason when you are working with record labels it’s an assumption that you book into a £500 per day studio and a producer tells you what is wrong with your music and makes it better for you.
“We have always felt there was no good reason why we couldn’t have done it ourselves like we always used to do. Expensive microphones do sound nice but they don’t make music more exciting.”
The Kickstarter launched on Monday, April 22, and runs for 30 days. As the Echo went to press around a quarter of the £10,00 had been raised – although the band must raise all the money they need or they don’t get any of it.
Visit for more information.

News: Plants bloom with Black Sabbath

black sabbath.jpg
IF YOU want to be the wizard of the garden, make come changes to the music you listen to.
Because greenfingered garden guru Chris Beardshaw is recommending a new technique for bigger blooms – blast your plants with heavy metal.
Beardshaw played Black Sabbath, classical music and Cliff Richard to two seperate greenhouses – with Ozzy and his rock and roll doctors producing sweet leaf, and classical moderate results while all of the Cliff RIchard foliage died.
He is paranoid that there was some sabotage involved with the Cliff greenhouse…
The results show that using rock as a nutrient appeared to create larger flowers. And although the plants themselves were shorter, they were more disease-resistant.
He said: “The ones with Black Sabbath – great big, thumping noise, rowdy music – they were the shortest, but they had the best flowers and the best resistance to pest and disease.”

News: Cosmo Jarvis’s Think Bigger, just got bigger

cosmo jarvis.jpg
YOU get the impression that Think Bigger is not just an album title for Cosmo Jarvis – it’s a mission statement.
The fearsomely talented musician released this, his third album and career-best effort, last November – but now he’s given it a reboot in the form of a special edition.
So not only do you get the eclectic, original musical work of the LP, you also get a DVD of Jarvis’s feature film, the black comedy The Naughty Room, plus the film’s soudtrack.
In Cosmo’s words, his new film is: “Mainly about parenting, as well as taking responsibility to better yourself. The hardest part of making this film was not being older. People just don’t want to deal with you in a professional manner if you’re young.
“But truly the worst part was hearing Steven Spielberg was up on the Dartmoor, our local beauty spot, making ‘War Horse’ at the same time with a full Hollywood production whilst we had one camera and a Volkswagen Golf.”
Not that these problems held this recently-released compilation of creative work back – with Jarvis, it’s clearly the thought that counts.