Metallica to darken Download’s doorstep next summer

DOWNLOAD festival in Castle Donington will have Metallica onstage next summer, it has been announced.
The giants of metal are set to return to Castle Donington for the first time since 2006 – and will play ‘the black album’ in its entirity.
To listen to a rather empty playlist of Download 2012 acts, click here.

Park up and listen to Driver Drive Faster

I KNOW this blog is pretty void of posts these days, but as reward for coming back just in case, here’s a free mp3 for you all to enjoy.
Up-and-coming band Driver Drive Faster, of Manchester, are set to release It’s All Over It’s Everywhere ahead of their album Open House.
And they’ve been kind enough to offer up a free download of b-side Gravel Dents.
Grab it here.

Unholy smoke! It’s the Anti-Chris Mix vol 1

HERE it is, the most fun you can have for an hour with your clothes on.
Hell, take them off if you want, I know what you internet surfers are like.
Anyway, whatever you choose to do for the next 60 minutes, let the superb Anti Chris Mix vol 1 be the soundtrack, a mash-up from London-based DJ Anti-Chris who was on the Kissy Sell Out tour last year.
You can listen below, or download and check out the full track list at Soundcloud here.
Anti Chris – Anti Mix vol 1 by djantichris

Free Royksopp track

ELECTRONIC gods Royksopp have a grown up new album Senior out this, the follow-up to the rather juvenile Junior.
And to celebrate this fact a free track, Hus No 9, is being handed out.
The band said: “Between two pages, in a dusty old book we found this little number.
“It’s called Hus Nr. 9, and is currently haunting the halls of the RYXP mansion.”
Click here to enjoy.

Show My Ass for free

HERE’S a cheeky freebie from Florida’s Dominique Young Unique, Show My Ass.
The up-and-coming 18-year-old hip hop and electro singer has a new EP, Blaster, out this month, ahead of a UK tour.
And you can grab a taster in the form of Show My Ass absolutely free by clicking here – how’s that for a bum deal.

A new Golden Age for Indiecater

IN A break from their jangle pop tradition, Indiecater Records are set to release Philadelphia-based producer Golden Ages’ Tradition LP on Friday.
The work of one man, Francis Tseng, hopefully this epic electronic offering will set a new precedent for the label.
For a taste of the album, click here to grab a free mp3 of Golden Ages.

Frothing at the mouth for Foamo

CURRENTLY bubbling under in drum and bass circles is the sparkling talent of up-and-comer Foamo, whose single Jookie is out on April 26.
A spokesman for Fat! Records said: “Only his third release proper Foamo – aka Kye Gibbo – now cements himself as one of the leaders of the new guard.
“Having risen through the ranks, a product of the blogosphere, Jookie sees Foamo fulfil his potential and justify the countless comparisons that have been made between him and some of the finest.”
And to mark the occasion, a free Warrior One remix of the B-side Centavo is being lathered all over the internet.
Click here to grab yourself a copy and get ready to whip yourself into a frenzy.