Mars attracts

• THE latest album from Mars Volta is out of this world.
Octahedron, the experimental metal band’s fifth studio effort, is described as their “acoustic” album, and showcases the normally harder-edged group’s many sides.
• Dance duo Autokratz have released their long-awaited debut album, Animal.
The LP is a pumping collection of sturdy breakbeats tinged with a distinct Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and Erasure influence.
• Avant garde rappers Anti-Pop Consortium have put out a new track free-of-charge.
You can grab a copy of Apparently, a taster for forthcoming album Flourescent Black, from
• Prog rock legends Dream Theater are back with their 10th studio album, Black Clouds And Silver Linings.
The album, which is in shops now, is a scintillating showcase of some of the best metal musicianship ever committed to record.
• Welsh supergroup Future Of The Left have released a new album, the punk masterpiece Travels With Myself And Another.
The blistering album, which is out now, deserves to be played as loud as your speakers will go.
• Party band Boy Crisis have a new song out this week.
The single Dressed To Digress, released on Monday, is a hedonistic slice of ‘80s-influenced electro disco.
• Singer singwriter Scott Matthews has put out a new song from his latest album Elsewhere.
You can grab a copy of the track, Into The Firing Line, from stores now.
• Irish rocker Marc Carroll releases a new single Always this week.
The track is the first cut from his forthcoming album The Dust Of Rumour.
• Here’s News For You – the sensational Seb single News For You is out now.
The London-based singer’s song marks his transition from record company odd job man to fully fledged artist.
• If all of this is music to your ears, you can read more from the pop world online at