My New Year’s Resolution – I pledge to return all my ‘borrowed’ CDs to the rightful owners

I have a lot of CDs.

Put it this way, research shows that the average person in the UK owns 89 CDs. I therefore own about the same as the average hamlet.

When I die, should I wish I could be buried amongst columns of my own CDs, like a terracotta army of LPs.

I have so many CDs that the shelves on my CD shelving unit (which is reserved solely for full-length, shop-bought albums in standard jewel cases for CD OCD purposes) have warped under the weight of the CDs and had to be flipped upside down to warp back to being flat again.

And you can bet your music collection that some of the CDs in my music collection probably aren’t mine. It’s probability, nothing nefarious, I can assure you.

Nevertheless, I have made it my 2014 New Year’s Resolution to scour through my discs and find these ‘borrowed’ albums, and return them to their original owners.

I plan to photograph and then blog each installment of this EPIC undertaking, and where possible I’d like to hand them back in person.

My dad can expect a pretty big bundle heading his way…

If anyone thinks they may have one of their CDs loitering in my collection, let me know and I’ll have a look at some point this year, I promise!

My Albums of the Year 2014

Here’s music to your ears – my top 10 albums of the past year.

It’s something I’ve been doing now for more than a decade – the likes of The Libertines and The Killers featured in my first selection back in 2004.

Since then each year household names like Jay-Z, Radiohead and Portishead have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Kvelertak, Phaeleh and Clean George IV, and this year’s no different.

This year has been one of the hardest to pick a shortlist from – I’d made a longlist into triple figures as the year progressed (available on request!).

But I’ve done it. There’s afro funk, there’s pop, there’s mariachi, there’s rock, there’s 10 albums that I’ve found simply unturndownable in 2014.

They are, in alphabetical order:

Badbadnotgood – III

Jazz prowess with a hip hop ethic from these Ghotsface Killah collaborators

GoGo Penguin – v2.0

Mercury nominated jazz act led the way in an exciting year for the genre

Keziah Jones – Captain Rugged

Nigerian Jones fused his African influences with raw funk and rock

Manchester Orchestra – Cope

2014 was the year that Manchester Orchestra went epic

Mariachi El Bronx – III

Traditional Mexican music played by a Californian punk band

Ought – More Than Any Other Day

A ramshackle rock classic in the making

Paolo Nutini – Caustic Love

Forget middle-of-the-road, this is the sound of a pop artist exploring his own avenues

Tom Vek – Luck

One man band Tom Vek makes it third time lucky with his electronic sound

Tune-Yards – Nikki Nack

Drum-led leftfield pop genius that deserves more limelight

Squarepusher x Z-MACHINES – Music For Robots

Robots playing guitars

Have a listen to a track from each album below, and let me know what you think to the selection – and who you’d have chosen.