Review: Balkan brass sideshow is a blast

boban and marko markovic orchestra.jpg
IF YOU’RE looking for some music that’s exciting, energetic and just a little bit bonkers, then I suggest you get on board the Gipsy Balkan Caravan of the Boban and Marko Markovic Orchestra.
This Gipsy Manifesto LP is the group’s first album in four years, and you imagine they have been doing nothing but touring around performing their raucous, joyous Balkan brass in the interim – they clearly enjoy what they’re doing.
This collection starts off at a blistering pace with Caje Sukarije, which mixes brass with beats and a boing boing noise, and each and every track up until 2/3rds through either matches this pace or puts the foot even further on the gas.
It’s full on, and fun – but at 16 tracks long it is exhausting, like being around a host who’s trying a bit too hard to entertain. I think my three-year-old maybe enjoyed it more than me, perhaps as it sounds like tuning in to a crazy, confusing foreign kids TV show at times.
So while an upbeat diversion, perhaps this Orchestra is best suited to being a fun sideshow than a main attraction.

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