Felt Hits: Scream if you know it

IF YOU didn’t guess last Friday’s Felt Hits album cover redrawn by a arty, crafty six-year-old, then you deserve to be sent to live on The Dark Side Of The Moon.
That’s right, it was Pink Floyd, sorta
Anyway, this Friday we’re movin on up to a new album cover, loaded up for you to take a look at above.
Don’t Fight It, Feel It, and please leave a comment if you can guess what it is.
Answers will be revealed next Friday.

Review: Magic Arm is wand-erful

magic arm.jpg
YOU’RE not going out on a limb by picking up a copy of Magic Arm’s new album, Images Rolling.
Because the Manchester-based musician is a clear craftsman, marrying folk-influenced rock with modern production – leading to natural comparisons with peers like Andrew Bird and Grizzly Bear.
To my ear however, underneath the beats and electronic knob-twiddling production, the layers of trumpets and strings over Iron & Wine style compositions give his sound a more timeless feel, like a modern day echo of The Beach Boys.
Obviously, such lofty comparisons are never likely to favour Magic Arm – but as an up-and-coming act, Images Rolling paints a picture of one to keep firmly on the radar.

From the archives: Everyone needs Time Out

dave brubeck.jpg
TAKE Five, easily the most recognisable track on The Dave Brubeck Quartet’s 1959 jazz album Time Out, was the first ever million-selling jazz single.
You’ve heard it, even if you didn’t know it at the time.
Yet the group achieved this unprecedented commercial success while pushing the boundaries of the genre, with the album typified by the use of unusual time signatures.
In fact the seminal cool jazz album was intended merely as an experiment, and was derided by critics on its release.
But this fluid approach to the beat does not stop the album from swinging – actually Time Out is exactly that, sheer get-away-from-it-all in LP form.
Because despite the sophisticated nature of the music, there’s nothing here that in any way detracts from listening to Time Out being an absolute timeless pleasure.

Review: Laura Marling still soaring high

laura marling.jpg
LAURA Marling is a darling.
Everyone loves her – she’s the acceptable face of the Mumford & Sons alt-folk juggernaut, she’s been nominated for the Mercury Prize twice, won a Brit for Best Female Solo Artist, won Best Solo Artist at the NME Awards, hell, singer songwriter Beans On Toast even wrote a song about how much he loved her.
Luckily, it gives me great pleasure to say the latest LP from Ms Marling, Once I Was An Eagle, is high up there with her best material.
And it gives me great pleasure to listen to, too – I’ve had it on near constant rotation since I got my dirty little hands on it this week.
From the off it’s a quietly intense affair, with the duo of Kaki King-esque acoustic guitars and Marling’s pure voice stirring enough.
And from here it builds through the album, adding drums and a barely-there bass here, a violin line or two there, peaking with the furious I Was A Hunter.
My one criticism – at 16 tracks, though, there may have been a little fat to trim here – although closer Saved These Words may just be teh stand-out track here.
But hey – on this form, it’s clearly better to have too much than not enough.

Felt Hits: C’moon, you know this one

FOLLOWING last week’s reworking of The Velvet Underground And Nico’s cover art by Andy Warhol, our Felt Hits continue with another classic drawn by a six-year-old.
I hope it hasn’t left you in the dark trying to guess – if you’re stuck, give it some time, it’s an all time classic.
Please post your answers in the comments below this post.
And if the iconic answer still eclipses you, perhaps you’ve got brain damage – you’ll have to wait until next Friday to breathe a sigh of relief and find out the answer.

Download: Get a free DAVIDS track Right On to your hard drive

AS ELECTRONIC producer DAVIDS has been kind enough to offer up a free download for Sound Advice, we’ll refrain from calling him Davids, David’s, Dave, Davy, Davo, Dafydd or anything.
We love you as much as you love CAPS LOCK, DAVIDS!
DAVIDS said: “When I moved back home with my parents I started making electronic music.
“They didn’t seem to mind.
“The ‘0613EP’ doesn’t come out until June 4th.
“You’re getting to listen before my family does.”
So grab a copy of Right On, a track from DAVIDS’ forthcoming 0613EP by clicking here.