Download: Adopt a free Young Fathers mp3

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EDINBURGH-based hip hop trio Young Fathers are set to give birth to Tape One mid-January, and to wet the musical baby’s head, a free download of album opener Deadline is up for grabs.
A spokesman said: “Tape One is a fearless combination of beat, rap and song that smells not only of its dark and dank birthplace, but of discovery and of communion.
“If their aesthetic sometimes seems bleak, it’s only because the world outside is, and YF are a mirror reflecting our hard truths back.
“But they are also our imaginations running weird and wild, finding color in dark corners or dancing in light nobody else sees.”
Click here to grab your free copy.

Review: Go wild for Dutch Uncles LP

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DUTCH Uncles have slowly become a familiar band, creeping onto the scene with their two previous albums – and January’s Out Of Touch In The Wild, the first truly amazing release of 2013, ought to see them join the indie top table.
The LP is a collection on avant-pop – it’s all easy on the ear, with the Hot Chip-esque vocals of Duncan Wallis and the arty orchestral goodness of the piano and strings mixing with the clean-cut twin guitar work of Pete Broadhead and Daniel Spedding, which echoes the classic work of the likes of Talking Heads.
However this is all arranged in a decidedly different way to standard pop fodder, eschewing verse-chorus-verse-chorus song structure – in fact, come the LP’s end, you would be hard pushed to remember a chorus at all.
And this is the Out Of Touch In The Wild’s strength, not a weakness – this is a maelstrom of musical wonder, full of interest and intrigue yet accessible and enjoyable throughout, out of touch but always within reach…

Soundcast: Whoops!

samuel jackson five.jpg
EVERY year I, like most music writers both professional and amateur, bust an absolute gut to compile an Albums of the Year shortlist.
Mine can be found here.
However, with the best will in the world, no one person’s perspective on the past 12 months can be all-encompassing – some of the best music will have been overlooked for one reason or another.
Some will have been really low key or cult like Samuel Jackson Five’s awesome LP, some will have been released too late to make an impression on a list, such as Gallops and Dam Mantle, and some blinders like Kaki King, Torche and THEEsatisfaction will just have been missed!
Sadly, if you compile a list like I do, this is the time of year where everyone else’s lists rub the ones you’ve missed right in your face.
So here’s my Whoops! playlist, of the ones that got away I’ve only heard since I finished my own Albums of the Year.

View: Five future Albums of the Year for 2013

DESPITE the voting to name the Sound Advice Album of the Year for 2012 still being open, I couldn’t help but take a peek into the pipeline and select a few potential Albums of the Year 2013.
Here is what I found in the pipe.
atoms for peace.jpg
Thom Yorke (Radiohead) + Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) + Nigel Godrich (Radiohead) + Joey Waronker (Beck & R.E.M) + Mauro Refosco (David Byrne & Red Hot Chili Peppers) = sum thing good.
biffy clyro.jpg
No band has made my Albums of the Year shortlists more than Biffy Clyro. Don’t bet against the Biff doing it again with Opposites.
everything everything.jpg
Judging by the quality of the first few tracks to be released from Everything Everything’s Arc, be glad you only have to wait until January to hear it.
Holy Fire by Foals is set to usher in the band’s funkiest, heaviest work to date. Hot stuff.
the knife.JPG
A new, full, proper, non-side-project release from Scandanavian electronic duo The Knife? Yes please, Shaking The Habitual.
And don’t forget, there’s still time to dwell in the past and vote for the Album of the Year 2012 below…

Which is the top Album of the Year 2012

Albums of the Year: Wave Picture perfect

wave pictures.jpg
WYMESWOLD band The Wave Pictures’ album Long Black Cars is the last LP to park itself in the Albums of the Year 2012 lot.
The group sees a slightlier rockier sound driving the ramshackle indie pop which fans of the band know and love.
And atop this, as always, sits David Tattershall’s trademark vocals and perceptive, poetic, bathetic wordplay.
It’s the sound of a band deciding not to reinvent it’s wheel, just to run it that little bit faster and smoother than ever before.
If it gets your vote, click on the poll below – and if it doesn’t, let me know in the comments!

Which is the top Album of the Year 2012

Albums of the Year: Taxidermist a cut above

nostalgia 77 and the monster.jpg
NOSTALGIA 77 normally brews up a heady mixture of hip hop breaks and funk, but alongside pianist Matthew Bourne – who I assume is The Monster – The Taxidermist sees the collective led by Ben Lamdin stitching together an altogether jazzier creation.
In addition, there’s his usual fare here too, plus sultry sax, a bit of Latin and Afrobeat tacked on, all sorts of strange influences, to create an odd animal.
It’s eclectic, and an exploration every time you listen.
If it gets your vote, click on the poll below – and if it doesn’t, let me know in the comments!

Which is the top Album of the Year 2012

Albums of the Year: I like I Like Trains

i like trains.jpg
2012 was the year that wallowing miseries I Like Trains embraced the digital age, and to stunning effect.
The Leeds group and their trademark plodding depressed post-rock was transposed from guitars to synth and computers on The Shallows, as was the subject matter, moving from the likes of doomed historical figures (Elegies To Lessons Learnt) and impending apocalypse (He Who Saw The Deep) to the effect the computer age is having on human culture.
As you can imagine, it’s not been great.
But the great news is, as our society increasingly breaks down into some dystopian matrix, we do now have an LP which is in equal parts cerebral and evocative to soundtrack it.
If it gets your vote, click on the poll below – and if it doesn’t, let me know in the comments!

Which is the top Album of the Year 2012

Albums of the Year: Grizz me slow

grizzly bear.jpg
YOU could have penciled in indie rockers Grizzly Bear’s Shields album as an Album of the Year for 2012 then and there back in June 2011, when the group first started working on it.
This is the main is due to my deep, deep love for their previous release Veckatimest, a meticulously crafted, timeless classic of an album – if Shields only turned out a fraction as good as Veckatimest, it would be straight in.
Luckily, it’s more than a bit good.
Although the songs’ brilliance still shines as bright it’s a slow-burner of an album, with tracks less immediate as before – this is because Shields works better as an album as a whole.
It’s just the nuances of the work’s emotion have to be eeked out of this intricate musical construction by the listener over repeated listens – something, I’m sure you’ll agree, listeners will be more than happy to do.
If it gets your vote, click on the poll below – and if it doesn’t, let me know in the comments!

Which is the top Album of the Year 2012

News: Coal Chamber scuttle onto Download bill

THE reformed Coal Chamber have been confirmed for next year’s Download festival in Castle Donington.
The news was broken on the official Download Facebook earlier thsi week, and has spread around the internet like a house on fire.
A spokesman said: “The Download social media team put together a campaign on Facebook earlier today, where by a band would be revealed once this post got 25,000 likes.
“We were overwhelmed by the amount of fans that hit the like button, and we achieved our target in a little over 2 hours – nice work everyone!”
The group join recent announcements of Volbeat and Bullet For My Valentine on the Download 2013 Spotify playlist – click here to hear.

Albums of the Year: Phwoar Tet

four tet.jpg
FROM the five potential Albums of the Year I highlighted halfway through 2012, Four Tet’s Pink was the one that came up with the goods.
Not an album as such, the LP is a compilation of recent EPs plus two unreleased tracks – but as a collection it still works.
Pink is a rose-tinted, rich and warm take on the world of dance music and electronica.
Although it’s informed by dancefloor roots, it’s still more of a headphone masterpiece, and throughout Four Tet keeps it simple yet at all times breathtakingly beautiful.
If it gets your vote, click on the poll below – and if it doesn’t, let me know in the comments!

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