News: Presley’s pants may raise £10,000

THE King’s briefs are to go on sale at an auction of Elvis Presley pop memorabilia.
Unwashed and still soiled, the pair of Presley’s underpants was worn beneath one of his famous white jumpsuit’s during a performance in 1977.
The light-blue dance briefs are expected to fetch up to £10,000 when they go under the hammer next month at the auction in Stockport, Cheshire.
Other items up for sale include his personal Holy Bible, which is expected to raise up to £25,000, and 16mm film footage taken from Priscilla Presley’s own personal home movies of Elvis.

Review: Shuttle’s Halo heavenly

ALTHOUGH I don’t go out as much after dark as I once did, being a family man nowadays, I am still very much a rave digger.
I’m a sucker for bass-heavy, dark electronica, and as such I feel duty bound to recommend Shuttle, who launches a new EP Halo next month, September 3.
As the stellar name might imply, Shuttle – AKA touring drummer for Passion Pit, Nathan Donmoyer – builds his tracks like the people of Bable built their towers.
The title track takes it’s vocal core, and piles layer upon layer of beats and bass and samples and production until the track can take no more – and it’s a full-on template repeated on the excellent B-sides here.
Maybe this is the reason it’s taken a good three years since his last EP, the throbbing Tunnel?
Regardless, it’s clear from this four-track that Shuttle is an astronomical talent – hopefully he’ll be commanding more space here ASAP.

News: Charlie Simpson to play world’s coldest ever gig

charlie simpson.jpg
COOL dude Charlie Simpson, of Busted and Fightstar fame, is hoping the temprature goes down down down as he attempts to perform the world’s coldest ever gig.
The solo star is flying out to Siberia this November to perform in Oymyakon, Siberia – the location of the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth, minus 72 degrees.
A spokesman for organisers Jagermeister said: “The Russian town boasts a population of 472, no running water or electricity and is so remote that it takes up to four days to reach from the United Kingdom, including a two day drive from the nearest city, Yakutsk.
“With temperatures hovering around minus 40˚C, Charlie and his support team will battle sub-arctic climates so cold that mobile phones cannot function, boiling water turns to snow in mid air and fish caught from local rivers freeze instantly.”
Charlie said: “The Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig is by far one of the biggest challenges of my career, but I’m really excited to get out there and see a part of our planet that very few people will ever get to visit.”

Review: Collective’s culture clash

tel aviv session.jpg
THE Touré-Raichel Collective’s Tel Aviv Sessions came about from a chance encounter in an airport – but I suggest you don’t leave it to chance whether or not you hear it.
The music is the work of Malian guitarist Vieux Farka Touré and Isreali pianist Idan Raichel, exploring each other’s sounds live in a studio – but this is less a culture clash than the sound of two complimentary approaches sidling up to each other.
Obviously, as you would expect from two unique virtuoso talents coming together for almost the first time, there is no wild improvisation or shifts in the music at play here, as you would expect from, say, a jazz trio used to improvising around each other.
Instead this is a slow burn, building a vibe together, meshing angular African riffing with the cool piano work of Raichel and sparse percussive elements, and you cannot help but warm to the simply beautiful, original feeling this creates.

Review: Minotaur Shock’s Orchard experiment bears fruit

minotaur shock.jpg
BRISTOL-based bull-bloke music maker Minotaur Shock’s latest effort Orchard is well worth harvesting.
Although Minotaur Shock – real name David Edwards – doesn’t like the tag folktronica, it gives you a great idea of the fare on offer here – perhaps we could dub it electronolk or electrad or something?
Coming from a producer base, Orchard blurs the edges between the genres with acoustic elements interwoven with studio work, violins, pianos, xylophones and more – tracks like Ocean Swell are clearly the work of a dance act, whereas at the other end of the spectrum the likes of Too Big To Quit could be the work of folk acts like Shooglenifty.
It’s a fusion attempted often – no doubt leading to Minotaur Shock’s folktronica tag aversion – not it’s not often the resulting hybrid bears as sweet a fruit as Orchard.

Listen to Sound Advice making music!

YOU may have noticed, on the about the author thingy on the right of this post, reference to ‘cult’ acts I have been part of.
One of these was ‘underground’ act The Haze – and cleaning out my attic I found a CD of creations!
Listen to one above and visit for more, including free downloads.

Review: Plank! plonk down first album

SINCE hearing their self-titled EP, I’ve been waiting impatiently for more from Manchester’s Plank! and wood you believe, it’s finally here.
The band are an instrumental act with a Krautrock feel and a spacey twist, and Animalism as a result is full of driving riffs and otherworldly synths.
For instance La Luna has a no-holds-barred exuberance that you can’t help but be lifted by.
However for all this awesome space rock feeling, you get the impression this is a band that is still taking off rather than out of this world just yet – not that their sound is wooden, but despite being a tight unit their craft is just still a bit rough around the edges compared to peers such as Beak> and Errors.
Nevertheless, I’m enjoying Animalism, and when Plank! return, I’m all aboard!