News: Lizzee Rascal! Queen is fan of rapper

FORGET rock royalty, our very own Jubilee celebrating monarch Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of Dizzee Rascal.
According to reports, during the London 2012 Opening Ceremony Prince William told Prime Minister David Cameron that the Queen was a big fan.
And the PM passed this fact on to reporters last night – saying finding out was his favourite part of the ceremony!

News: Sir Paul McCartney paid £1 for Olympics gig

sir paul mccartney.jpg
FORMER Fab Four frontman Paul McCartney, as well as stars such as Mike Oldfield, Dizzee Rascal and Emeli Sande, was paid just £1 to perform at the Olympics opening ceremony.
LOCOG has revealed the bargain Beatle buy as most stars had agreed to play Lndon 2012 for free, but a token sum was needed to draw up a binding contract.
Hopefully they’ll all shift a few albums now, to make up the shortfall, the poor dears.

Review: Seams pretty decent

album art.jpg
SEAMS seems to me a bit of an OCDJ.
Because on his debut LP, Tourist, James Welch has not left a hair out of place, it’s the most tidy, controlled electronic effort I’ve heard in a long time.
Not that this is mechanical and soulless, it’s a decent collection of Four Tet-esque intricate IDM efforts, the one and only slight let-down is that the music is so meticulous – even brass additions and bass squelchs are timed within an inch of their life.
Regardless of this it’s a thoroughly enjoyable journey, just a little mapped out, making it hard to completely lose yourself.

Review: Frusciantastic

john frusciante.jpg
I, LIKE most people, will be aware of John Frusciante for his guitar work for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
I also have a passing acquaintance with his solo work – so I thought I knew what to expect when I listened to his new solo EP, Letur-Lefr.
I was wrong.
Opener In Your Eyes sounds like Erasure produced by Aphex Twin, a mangled slice of pop genius, followed by 909 Day, which is dominated by about a minute of epic, anthemic synth.
It then takes another unexpected twist, first into Glowe’s skittering beats and on into hip hop/opera/jungle crossover territory with FM and finally back to the warped pop thing with In My Light.
It’s completely unpredicable throughout, but despite the incessant U-turns it remains ear-bogglingly good for the duration.

News: Punk covers album for cancer cause

verse chorus verse.jpg
VERSECHORUSVERSE, AKA Tony Wright, has released a punk covers album in aid of cancer charities.
The album from the former …And So I Watch You From Afar member tackles tracks by Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Nirvana, Stiff Little Fingers, The Clash and the Undertones and costs as little as 50p.
He said: “Punk rock. Alternative music, or whatever else you want to call it has long been my refuge.
“I decided to take some of the songs that had help shape me musically, and re-imagine them into a manner in which the production was stripped to some guitars, vocals, harmonica, handclaps and, most importantly, the sentiment.”
Listen and buy a copy from

News: The morse the merrier for Leafcutter John

Leafcutter John.jpg
AURAL explorer Leafcutter John is after the public’s help to create a new piece out of morse code.
To take part, head over to his website at and record yourself clicking away!
He said: “I’m making a pice of music for BBC Radio 3′s The Verb show and I’d like to assemble a large chorus of people speaking in morse code.
“All you have to do is record yourself speaking the letter ‘Q’ followed by the words Dot, Dash, Dit and Dah.”

Review: Regal Safari a long trip

regal safari.jpg
BRIGHTON duo Regal Safari’s atmospheric electronica is perfectly timed for the current sunshine warming British bones.
Out next week, Believe, the first installment of their latest four track EP, II – funnily enough their second EP – is a lazy, hazy collection of slow beats, murmered vocals and pleasing synth swells perfect for crashing out in the heat.
Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a month at a time for the following three tracks, Veil, Mexico, and Still – they’re being released one at a time as singles, so their stunning summer soundtrack will be complete by October!
So full marks for the music, Regal Safari, but I’m knocking off points for the leisurely pace you’re releasing it!

News: Coma gave George Michael a West Country accent

george michael.jpg
GOLDEN voiced singer George Michael spent several days talking with a West Country twang after recovering from a coma.
After waking from a serious battle with pneumonia, the North London singer shocked medical staff with a new voice, he has revealed.
He said: “”My doctors were genuinely worried that I had this condition, it’s a genuine thing where people wake from comas speaking French or some other language they learned at school.
“They were worried I could have spoken like that for the rest of my life – not that there’s anything wrong with the West Country accent, but it’s a bit weird when you come from North London.
“They were just laughing away at me talking in this weird accent. I basically did two days’ worth of stand-up comedy.”

Review: Shrike gold

RuinerOf Good.jpg
HIP hop project Shrikes, a fledging Great Imitation offshoot, sounds to me like a group with wings.
The debut five-track EP The Ruiner Of All Things Good is available for free from July 22, and strongly recommend you stick your beak in and check out its scattergun sound.
Akin to the likes of Cage and Subtle, their approach is dark in theme and unpredictable, unleashing jungle beats here, ominous electronic squelches there, spoken word sections, unexpected powerchords, inspired samples (I won’t spoil any surpises), and more – all of which is appropriate for a group named after a carniverous songbird.
The result, despite the light and shade of the loud and the quiet sections, is overall an oppressive one, partially as a result of the macabre, menacing feel of the tracks but mostly as a result of the weight of ideas being explored here in just five tracks.
I cannot wait to hear the group spread their wings over a full length effort.

View: Musicians please note – Da sound of da police doesn’t make me go whoop, whoop

THIS is just a quick note to all music makers out there – when committing your work to record, please lay off the FX.
Gunshots, I can live with. Alarm clock sounds, fine. But please cut out the sirens.
Because I’m fed up of cruising around in the SoundAdvicemobile listening to tunes that force me to check my mirrors to see where the blue flashing lights are.
That’s all, as you were.