News: Saucy new release from Kelis

HER milkshake brings all the boys to the yard – but its her new range of delicious sauces that keeps them there!
During a musical hiatus, Tasty singer Kelis has turned her hand to cookery becoming a qualified chef.
As a result her latest release is not a musical one – it’s a new range of cooking sauces.
She said: “”I love lifestyle stuff, I love housewares. I’m really a homebody, honestly.
“Anything to do with my kitchen, or my house, I’m all about it.
“I’m working on a sauce line, so that’s kind of exciting. I’m a saucier.”


News: OK Computer, computerised

THIS is simply, amazing – less OK Computer, more OK Nintendo Entertainment System.
At present chiptune and 8-bit – the art of making music that sounds like it was made using a 1980s console – is enjoying a bit of a revival at present.
But for all the dubs and jungle rhythms I have heard crafted lately, nothing has struck me as quite as epic as this, a full 8-bit cover of 15th birthday celebrating album OK Computer uploaded to YouTube by user QuintonSung.
Check out his channel as well for Radiohead’s Kid A in full as well, plus snippets fron In Rainbows and The Bends.

Soundcast: Adam Hofmann Revival

AMERICAN act Adam Hofmann Revival have had a new album out this year, You’ll Get There, and to celebrate Mr Hofmann himself has put together a Soundacst selection for Sound Advice.
“Cold Water, Damien Rice: This song is so simple and sparce. Damien’s voice is always haunting – it just comes from such a real place. It’s palpable. My seven and five-year-old girls love to dance to this tune.
“Darling Be Home Soon, The Lovin Spoonful:When I was growing up my father owned this record. I loved it. It is a well crafted pop tune – it hits all the great pop hooks.
“Still Fighting It, Ben Folds: This is the song I sing to my nine-year-old son. Again, a nicely arranged pop song. The message is clear, the lyrics are crisp. I love everything about it. And that fuzz bass! Yeah…
“Side with the Seeds, Wilco: The guitar solo alone. So much raw emotion in the instrumentation of this song. Damn.
“Helplessness Blues, Fleet Foxes: I don’t have any idea how you harmonize like that. And the opening line is classic. It is so listenable… what an amazing album.
“If You Ain’t Got Love, Mason Jennings: I’m not sure what it is about this song. I get it – some of the lyrical content is cliche – but it never feels that way with Mason. It feels authentic and heartwarming.
“Rearviewmirror, Pearl Jam: Energy. Energy. Energy. Real, raw, f-off energy. Love everything about this one, and Pearl Jam.
“Stella Blue, The Grateful Dead: I could have made an entire list of Dead tunes – but this one especially. It is so tender and authentic. ‘Dust of those dusty strings just one more time – gonna make ’em shine.’ Sing it Jerry.
“This Love Ain’t Easy, Adam Hofmann Revival: This is one of my tunes – so shameless plug. Actually, when I recorded the album I wasn’t convinved about this one. But it has totally grown on me. I don’t think I was willing to accept the message of the tune until after it had been recorded.
“We Don’t Eat, James Vincent McMorrow: Such a unique voice and gentle feel. Again, authenticity all over it. Very nice.
“May This Be Love, Jimi Hendrix: This is Jimi – so what isn’t there to like. I love the movement of this tune, from start to finish.
“Crying, Roy Orbison: When I heard this song as a kid – it made my eyes water. It still does. Why? No idea – but it hits me.”
Thanks Adam, to check out AHR visit their site here.

From the archives: A point in the direction of Southside

grapefruit moon.jpg
SOUND Advice has a long and glorious past, and every now and then as a result I dredge up a review from yonks ago after someone talks shop with me.
Today, Echo movie blogger Matt Jarram was talking about Tom Waits, and I though back to this little beauty – here’s my review from September 2008.
“WHO’D have thought grizzled experimental rock, folk and blues singer-songwriter Tom Waits was a swinger all along.
“For the Grammy Award winning musician has teamed up with similarly grizzled singer Southside Johnny and La Bamba’s Big Band for Grapefruit Moon, a tasty trip through the singer’s impressive songbook.
“A brassy, ballsy electric big band take on Waits’s cinematic and often intimate songs, Grapefruit Moon is an interesting, engaging and fruitful party, destined to boost interest in all parties concerned.”

News: Maximo effort for record attempt

GEORDIE band Maximo Park plan to get their names in the record books to mark the release of their latest record.
To mark The National Health’s release, the group plan to play five gigs at five independent record stores in the Newcastle area in one day.
Singer Paul Smith said: “All of us are regular record buyers and we prefer to indulge this passion at the shops of independent retailers who have a genuine love of music and knowledgeable, friendly staff.
“With that in mind we’ve decided to try and play at five North East independent record shops in one day to celebrate the release of The National Health – an organisational nightmare and quite possibly foolhardy, but we like to stretch our boundaries occasionally.”
Well done chaps – never mind actually playing the shows, just finding five independent record shops in the first place is a good effort these days…

Review: The Levellers still going flat out

I HAVE a spot softer than warm margarine for silver anniversary celebrating band The Levellers – a few glasses of cider and a copy of Levelling The Land and I’m in heaven.
So it’s no surprise that I greeted the news of a new LP, Static On The Airwaves, from the folk rockers with glee, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Now there are no stadium fillers, but there’s also no goofiness here – 25 years in The Levellers are in a more mature, less fuzzy phase of their career, and what they have produced instead is a sturdy collection.
Not that this is middle of the road fayre – this ranks as one of the best, most consistent albums they have put out – opener We Are All Gunmen’s hard-hitting optimism, the furious fiddle of Forgotten Towns, lead single Truth Is, Second Life, all of these stand up with the best in their ouevre.
Here’s to the next 25, guys!