Half-time Report: Albums of the Year so far – the top five

clean george iv.jpg
5. Clean George IV – God Save The Clean
i like trains.jpg
4. I Like Trains – The Shallows
wave pictures.jpg
3. Wave Pictures – Long Black Cars
2. Orbital – Wonky
cloud nothings.jpg
1. Cloud Nothings – Attack On Memory

Half-time Report: Albums of the Year so far 15-6

hi contrast.JPG
15. High Contrast – The Agony And The Ecstacy
14. Therapy? – A Brief Crack Of Light
the invisible.jpg
13. The Invisible – Rispah
12. CFCF – Exercises
miike snow.jpg
11. Miike Snow – Happy To You
royal headache.jpg
10. Royal Headache – Royal Headache
9. Plug – Back On Time
8. Maccabees – Given To The Wild
fiona apple.jpg
7. Fiona Apple – The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than The Driver Of The Screw, And Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do
6. Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage
Tomorrow – Sound Advice’s favourite five albums of 2012 so far…

Half-time Report: Albums of the Year so far 26-16

SO FAR, I think you’ll agree, 2012 has been a pretty good year for music.
An if you don’t, listen to each and every one of these albums, my 26 best releases from the first 26 weeks of the year.
The first instalment is tonight, the second tomorrow and the top five will be revealed on Sunday – feel free to rate and slate the countdown on the comments…

thavius beck.JPG
26. Thavius Beck – Symphony Of The Spheres
the futureheads.jpg
25. The Futureheads – Rant
get the blessing.jpg
24. Get The Blessing – OC DC
23. Meshuggah – Koloss
22. Suborno – The Instrument
keaton henson.jpg
21. Keaton Henson – Dear
future of the left.jpg
20. Future Of The Left – The Plot Against Common Sense
jack white.jpg
19. Jack White – Blunderbuss
18. Foe – Bad Dream Hotline
portico quartet.jpg
17. Portico Quartet – Portico Quartet
16. Grimes – Visions

Tomorrow, numbers 15-6…

News: Thriller tiger passes away

thriller and jackson.jpg
A TIGER that earned its stripes as the cover star of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album has died.
Michael Jackson’s pet tiger, named Thriller, has died aged 13 from lung cancer, at a wildlife preserve in California.
Tipppi Hedren, who runs the reserve which took on Jackson’s tiger collection after the closure of the Neverland Ranch, said: “Thriller was a real piece of work, one gutsy girl.”

News: Aphex Twin to conduct orchestra by remote control

aphex twin.jpg
ELECTRONIC god and scary-faced dream-haunter Aphex Twin is to conduct a 28-piece string section and a 12-strong choir – by remote control.
At a special performance at The Barbican in London, the musician is set to team up with The Heritage Orchestra and Choir for the rare performance of his remote conducting stunt.
A venue spokesman said: “We are excited to announce a one-off evening of music from the most influential electronic musician of his generation.
“The show will include the first UK performance of Aphex Twin’s groundbreaking Remote Orchestra concept, plus ‘Interactive Tuned Feedback Pendulum Array’ – a piece which expands on Steve Reich’s ‘Pendulum Music’ – and more.”

News: Muse celebrate Olympic win

MUSE have announced their track Survival has been selected as the official song of the London 2012 Olympics.
The Devon-based rock band – who also carried the Olympic torch during the relay – will soundtrack the Summer games, including when the athletes enter the Olympic Stadium, at the medal ceremony and also as the TV theme for all international coverage.
In a statement, the band wrote: “We are very excited to announce that a Muse song, Survival, has been selected by the London Olympic committee to be the main official song for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
“Matt wrote the song with the Olympics in mind. It’s about total conviction and pure determination to win.
“We are honoured that the Olympics have chosen our song to officially represent the London 2012 Olympic Games across the globe.”