Listen: Soothing Monday morning sounds

Michael Kiwanuka & Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) – “Lasan” by MichaelKiwanuka
EXCUSE me this morning folks, I stayed up late winning The X-Factor karaoke style last night.
A few glasses of wine and a microphone plus me equals a rendition of The Jackson 5’s I Want You Back that had to be seen to be believed.
As a result I’m feeling a tad delicate, and currently self-medicating with this glorious track from Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and Michael Kiwanuka.
I’ll be Lasan around for the next few hours…

Review: Beak And Claw does bite

s / s / s, a trio of collaborators whose debut EP hits stores tomorrow, is a supergroup of strange sorts.
The unlikely musical musketeers consist of Sufjan Stevens, indie singer-songwriter of 50 states fame, surrealist MC Seregeti, and beatmaster Son Lux.
It’s a meeting of minds from very different starting points, none of whom do things to the letter in their own genres – and at the beginning it shows, with drawn out drawl of an opener Museum Day.
There’s a flash of a beat here, a meandering rap there, some Bon Iver-esque vocoder here – it’s a six minute brainstorm, and leaves the listener questioning the merits of the s / s / s project.
Which is a shame because about half-way through the next track, Beyond A Doubt, it just clicks.
And the rest is sharp, slick and sweet. Beyond A Doubt leaves you nodding, If This Is Real is unreal and Octomom is almost a celebration of them finding this workable formula, however chaotic it may be.
Consider this the groundwork done – s / s / s could now build something super special on this.

Opinion: When a swear jars…

you medium.jpg
ONE of the first things I had planned for this site, what with it being on pause since 2010, was a bit of catch up.
I have already put aside quite a collection of awe-inspiringly awesome albums released this calendar year, and I felt it only right to give them their dues – but one of these is proving a problem.
It’s the new release by You ****! and it’s called Medium ******.
As you can see, as this is a family website, I’m unable to tell you about the direct raw riffage on offer alongside the snakelike wandering guitar lines and skittering post-rock drumbeats that like the cover art demostrates, simultaneously picks you up with melody as well as envelops you with pure rock force.
And the most frustrating thing? This East Midlands act is instrumental – no swearing involved in the music at all!
Couldn’t they just keep it clean?

Soundcast: Archive Material

THE decision to resurrect the Loughborough Echo’s music blog from its slumber has led to me wandering through the dusty catacombs of my previous musical musings.
Between 2008 and 2010 I posted hundreds and hundreds of posts, mostly reviews of releases good, bad and plain ugly.
And trawling back through these has led me to one conclusion – there’s a lot of bloody good music that I haven’t listened to in a long time.
So to welcome you all back to Sound Advice, here’s a selection of some of the more obscure artists and songs which had slipped my memory banks until recently, taking in the form of my first ever Soundcast playlist.
Listen to them below or click here to hear the selections in Spotify.


GUESS who’s back, back again? Sound Advice is back, tell a friend!
After collecting up my hypothetical musical toys after putting the site on hold in 2010, and returning them to my blog-shaped pram, the Loughborough Echo music blog Sound Advice is officially back in business.
The site, which you will have noticed if you ever visited the previous Blogger incarnation, is now in a new format, and in addition I’ve got a bit more by way of content up my digital sleeves for you.
Watch this cyberspace!