Review: Vexatious D

MUSIC and comedy can be uneasy bedfellows at times – just look at some of the appalling attempts at jokes in this music blog of mine.
And on this, Tenacious D’s comeback special Rize Of The Fenix, this counundrum shows – it’s when the pair drop the music and play the fool on the skits in between the songs that the biggest belly laughs can be found.
But that’s not to say there isn’t merit in the music as well, just not quite often enough.
There’s no instant classic a la Tribute or Love Her Gently here – but their cornball classic rock, self-depreciating humour and potty mouths combine to come up with the goods enough to make this a worthy endeavour nonetheless, on tracks like Low Hangin’ Fruit, Roadie and 39.
So overall Tenacious D is once again on the rize, undoubtedly – just not quite reaching their previous heights.

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