News: Deftones frontman joins supergroup

SOME of the men behind some of my favourite albums of recent years – namely The Deftones’ Diamond Eyes and Isis’ Wavering Radiant – have joined forces to form a supergroup.
Following the band’s end, members of Isis Aaron Harris, Clifford Meyer and Jeff Caxide formed Palms – and now Chino Moreno has been enlisted to join the league of droning metal purveyors.
Harris said: “We’ve worked really hard on this first release and are excited for people to hear it. It’s nice to be back behind the drum kit, and with this lineup.”
Moreno added: “Being a huge Isis fan I’ve always dug the moods these dudes convey with their sound,
“I am excited to combine my sense of creativity with theirs, and to have fun doing so.”
Not as excited as I am to hear Palms’ debut album, out later this year, Chino.

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