Getting more for your money from Spotify

A LOT of you, like me, will have started paying for the privilege of using Spotify after they introduced limitations to the programme at the start of this month.
And I’m sure a lot of you, like me, want to make the most of the service now you’ve actually got your wallets out.
So here are some of the external sites you can use alongside Spotify to make the most – and of course, all of these work with the free version too, you skinflints…
Apologies if I’m running an egg-sucking course with this one, but hook up your Spotify account to your Facebook account and you can see what your friends and listening too, send and recieve tracks, and subscribe to their playlists. You can also add other users not connected to you on Facebook – feel free to add my profile to your player and drop a track or two into my inbox.
Also, while you’re logged in to Facebook, join Sound Advice’s Fan Page, cheers.
If you want to find playlists, for any occasion, and fast, this site is also worth a visit – especially for things like Christmas and Hallowe’en compilations.
As well as compiling lists of lists of lists based on reviews of albums, the kind people at Spotimy spend each Monday putting together a playlist of all the week’s new releases – an essential service in my humble opinion.
If you’re on the hunt for new music, More Tracks Like This will take your song suggestions and find new songs based on the listening habits of Spotify and Last.FM users, and often throws up interesting suggestions.
If recommendations are your thing however, you must, must, must be on Last.FM. Register for Last.FM, and the can then track your listening history in Spotify and other players and websites like Hype Machine, and provide you with personalised charts – see my page for examples – and more importantly recommend new music based on your preferences.
It’s a goldmine, people, a goldmine.

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