Husky Rescue not worth saving


HELSINKI’S Husky Rescue may not have crafted a dog’s dinner in Ship Of Light, but you needn’t rush out in an emergency to pick up a copy either.
The closest comparison I can draw to the group’s evocative indie pop is that of fellow Scandanavians The Cardigans – in fact I have to confess I clicked off and had a brief, nostalgic listen to their Gran Turismo half-way through reviewing this album.
There are positive differences between the bands – such as the subtle ambient noises and orchestral layers that fill out each track, or the leanings toward Americana that drop in.
There are also meandering experimentations with electronica that hit more than miss as the album progresses.
But ultimately it’s hard to persevere with Husky Rescue when they lack both the sheer icy cool and the subtle humour of their nearest sonic neighbours.

2 thoughts on “Husky Rescue not worth saving

  1. This is one of the best albums if the year so far in my opinion (and quite a few respected critics have heaped praise on it too). Might help if you actually listened to the album properly and gave it a fair spin rather than sticking on another album in the middle of it!

  2. Well I didn't listen to it improperly, if that's what you're suggesting.
    But seriously, I did listen to it more than once!
    And although not a bad album, if it couldn't hold my attention first listen then I can hardly heap praise on it, could I?

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