Colourmusic not a full spectrum


THE Yes! EP sees psychedelic folk fivesome Colourmusic taking a positive step with their art.
Because up until now, the group – who sound like they take their inspiration from acts like The Flaming Lips and The Polyphonic Spree – have taken their main inspiration from colours, and released EPs about them called Yellow and Red.
However musically, after the eponymous anthemic opener sets out the group’s stall, the whirring psychedelia here doesn’t quite evolve to do anything to tickle the listener pink.
It’s a shame – especially given the glut of ideas the band have reputedly brought to their live shows.
At one show, having not shaved or cut their hair for six months, the band invited the audience up to chop off their hair and clothes as the set progressed, while at another the audience were free to come onstage and paint the band with emulsion, and at another they faked the death and carried out the funeral of guitarist Nick Turner.
If Colourmusic can capture a little more of that on next year’s studio album, they should have something to really whet the palette.

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