Mr right


has come a long way since his stunning 2007 debut, A Tale Of Two Cities.
Although he previously had a slight hip hop influence, for Straight No Chaser the singer songwriter has relegated his backing band, The Library, to the background, and started mixing in the company of the likes of Kanye West and Jay Z – and has also ditched his more acoustic roots for autotune and synth.
He’s also developed a potty mouth too – I suppose that’s what happens when you hang out with rappers…
Luckily under this new production gloss, which is reminiscent of West’s 808s And Heartbreaks, Mr Hudson’s talent for crafting unbelievably emotive songs soaked in bathos remains – tracks like the massive Supernova, Time and There Will Be Tears send shivers down the spine.
And there’s future chart toppers here too, such as Kid Cudi collaboration Everything Is Broken.
Straight No Chaser should go straight onto your shopping list when it comes out next Monday.


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