Certifiably brilliant

• YOU’D be mad as a hatter not to pick up a copy of Kasabian’s new album, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum.
The newly-released LP, the Leicester-based band’s third album, contains their certifiably-brilliant current single Fire.
• Like a bat out of Hell, Meat Loaf is back!
The oversized rocker has remastered his 1984 collection of oversized rock songs Hits Out Of Hell, with two new additions, I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) and I’d Lie For you (And That’s The Truth).
• Alternative metal masters Incubus have returned from a hiatus with two new tracks as part of a two-CD best of collection.
Monuments And Melodies, which covers the group’s hits from the Make Yourself album up until the present day, is out now.
• New Scottish indie rock band We Were Promised Jetpacks are looking to blast themselves into the charts.
Their stunning debut album, These Four Walls, was released this week.
• Irish pop sensations The Script continue their chart conquering antics with a fifth single, Before The Worst.
And given their previous successes, take it as read The Script will score another hit with the big-sounding track.
• Hidden gems from the musical past of African nation Benin have been unearthed for a new compilation album.
The Legends Of Benin album, part of the Analog Africa series, features some of the funkiest groups to come out of the country in the 1970s.
• Holy smoke! Brighton-based band Pope Joan are back.
The quirky funky math rockers have a double A-side single, Centurions/Volumes, out this month.
• Wonders of the musical world Dub Colossus have released a new EP this week.
Return To Addis is a companion CD to their critically acclaimed 2008 release A Town Called Addis.
• Fans of funky house should pick up a copy of Crazy Cousins’ latest LP, This Is Funky Volume One.
The compilation of established anthems and the latest floorfillers was released this Monday.
• If all of this is music to your ears, you can read more from the pop world online at www.echoisaacashe.blogspot.com

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