Hard rock from the Stone Gods

RISEN pheonix-like from the ashes of The Darkness, Stone Gods really know how to rock.
In true Spinal Tap style, the East Anglians play with a fist in the air and a tongue in the cheek.
And at points this LP, Silver Spoons And Broken Bones, is laugh-out-loud funny – particularly on Burn The Witch and Start Of Something.
And like fellow mock rockers such as Three Inches Of Blood the group can clearly also play.
The problem is that although a funny one at first, the joke soon wears thin, and I have my doubts if, like The Darkness before them, Stone Gods will be the rock of ages.

Hot Sauce

G LOVE And Special Sauce’s latest album Superhero Brother is a case of if it ain’t broke…
For following 2006’s fizzing Lemonade LP, the trio of G Love, Jimi Jazz and Houseman are back with more of their trademark super smooth grooves.
And why not? It is the summertime after all.
The LP is another slab of their inimitable brand of blues, hip hop and surf rock, while opening combo Communication and City Life, as well as band manifesto Who’s Got The Weed, show a funkier streak to this album.
In fact, Superhero Brother is something of a marvel.

Catch The Subways

WELWYN Garden City’s most rockingest band The Subways first album Young For Eternity was produced by former Lightning Seed Ian Broudie.
All Or Nothing sees former Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins producer Butch Vig take the controls.
No surprise then that on this LP, the trio is a heavier proposition than before – and riproaring tracks like Girls And Boys and Alright show The Subways are on track, heading along the right lines.
And if their invigorating new producer decides to stay on board, The Subway’s next stop will likely be a truly great album.
It’s just a shame that the band didn’t literally go All Or Nothing when putting the LP together, as in fact, it’s the slower numbers such as Move To Newlyn that are holding this album back.

Dirty Pretty average

NOT only does The Libertines hang round Dirty Pretty Things‘ frontman Carl Barat’s neck like a lead weight on Romance At Short Notice, but the former Pete Doherty right hand man is also charged with trying to outdo debut effort Waterloo Or Anywhere‘s success.
And although this effort fails to scale the peaks of his previous outfit, it’s a surprise to this reviewer that he has even made it to base camp ‘Listenable’, let only penned a few sizzlers.
After a stuttering start in Buzzards & Crows the album picks up momentum, and although single Tired Of England is a bit lame, the ska-tinged Clash-style indie exhibited on tracks like Chinese Dogs, Best Face and Kicks Or Consumption is some of Dirty Pretty Things best yet.
Romance it ain’t, but I still like you Carl.

Kid Rock on

• DESPITE bringing a sicknote to Download Festival this year, white trash icon Kid Rock has managed to record a new single.
The ‘American Bad Ass’ will release All Summer Long, a Lynyrd Skynrd homage taken from his album Rock N Roll Jesus, on July 7.
• Ska-influenced sharpshooters The Rifles are aiming at the charts with a new single, I Could Never Lie, out on July 21.
The band, whose jangly indie will appeal to former fans of The Libertines, are also planning to release an as-yet untitled second album in Otcober.
• Grime fighters Hadouken! release new single Crank It Up on July 7.
A frenetic flash of the band’s furious rave-rousing sound, the single is also available on their supurb album Music For An Accelerated Culture.
• Guildford-based band {satellite-state} have offered a taste of things to come with their debut four-track self-titled EP.
You can hear more fromthe band, who play sweeping, melodic MOR indie, at http://www.myspace.com/satellitestatemusic
• Dancefloor filling indie disco kids Look See Proof have released their debut album Between Here And There.
The album, despite its title, is where it’s at, with their choppy angular sound pioneered by the likes of Bloc Party, The Rakes and The Futureheads.
• In case you missed it, the world’s biggest band Coldplay have a new album out.
Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends – so good they named it twice, eh? – was produced by Brian Eno and Markus Dravs and includes the single Violet Hill.
• The Thirst are set to release a new single, My Everything, from their debut album On The Brink.
The Brixton band’s new release hits the shelves on July 14.
• Former Libertine Carl Barat’s latest vehicle, Dirty Pretty Things, is speeding towards the charts wih a new album.
Romance At Short Notice was released on June 30, and features the current single Tired Of England.
• If all of this is music to your ears, log on to Isaac Ashe’s Sound Advice for more from the pop world.

Carpet flawed?


KID Carpet is a very apt name for this keyboard-wielding singer-songwriter.
No, not the Carpet bit, the Kid moniker.
For Casio Royale, the Bristol-based Kid Carpet’s second LP, is clearly product of a man having a lot of innocent, wide-eyed fun with his computer-beeps and beats art.
The overall sound may be a little one man fiddling with his organ for his own pleasure at times, but funtime tracks like Can’t Stop The Pop and Solitaire make the likes of Mika look like an old grumpy boots.
That said, other’s like So Much Fun and Hitting The Wall show a heavier edge, making an interesting if contradictory switch from subject matter like kiss chases to packets of fags.
Perhaps he’s just going through an awkward phase…